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12 Rules to a Strong Digestion

Difficult digestion? Stomach pain and sour belching?

Unfortunately, our society is committed in making us break healthy rules not only for our stomach, but for our health in general. Being aware though can be a real game changer. Here you'll find the 12 golden rules for a strong stomach and a healthy digestion.

Rule # 1

Take fluids (filtered water is best!) ONLY at least 1 hour or two AFTER each meal, so doing you won't water down all the essential nutrients you get with food

TIP - Keep your eating habit at 3 meals per day with a healthy snack in the middle of the afternoon. If you keep eating constantly, it can engulf your poor stomach and intestines.

Rule # 2

NO COFFEE with meals. Why? Coffee is an essential part in our life, but this habit endangers your nutrients absorption (eg.; iron) so wait at least 1 or 2 hours after meals, or perhaps you can have a coffee 1 hour before eating a meal.

Rule # 3

NO MILK with meals. Americans made us believe that drinking milk (cow's milk) with our meal makes us strong & healthy ....WRONG! It denies the body to absorb nutrients.

Rule # 4

NO FRUIT after a meal. This is insane and drives me crazy, especially when I hear mothers yelling at their kids to eat the apple straight after their sandwich at school's meal. NO! NO! NO! Fruit MUST be eaten alone, otherwise it will mess your stomach up big time and overtime, it produces so many toxins that you'll know about it. NO SUGARY STUFF after a meal, fruit, candies, muffins, chocolate and so on...

Rule # 5

EAT MELONS ALONE. So, yes fruit as a snack is important, but please don't mix fruit together and if you have a melon, eat just that. After that, you should wait a good hour or two, before to have your meal (lunch or dinner or even another snack)

Fruit is essential for our health as it contains vitamins, the very building blocks of our health but it's important to remember that fruit has its own immune system and eating too many different types of fruit in one go can really strain our immune system (talking to people with allergies) and mess about with our intestines (giving us bloating issues & fermentation)

Rule # 6

A small meal is better.

I don't mean we should eat crumbs and get up from the table still feeling peckish, but eating sensible. Listen to your stomach and when you feel comfortably full, stop.

Rule # 7

Eat slowly, savor every bite and enjoy your food. This is so healthy to so many levels you won't believe it.

Rule # 8

Eat for nourishment and not for stimulation, meaning eat when you feel hungry and not because it's time to eat or when you feel bored.

Rule # 9

REST after a meal for at least 45 minutes. Do not jog, do not rush. Your poor stomach is working hard for you. Your heart (blood circulation) is involved in the digestion process too, so take care.

Rule # 10

Prepare food with love and care, not with violence or in a rush. Why?

Negative emotions have an impact on yourself but also to anything around you. The energy we manifest is around us also, not only inside of us. 

TIP - listen to your favourite music while in the kitchen or try to relax before preparing a meal - lying down and feeling yourself sinking inside the bed always works for me! - you'll feel rested and in a better mood. Helps the creativity as well.

Rule # 11

Do not use anti-acids (tablets, liquids formula and so on)

I know, I know! Chemists are full of anti-acids tablets for the stomach...but that is the economic system wanting money to stay up & running, people! The truth is that anti-acids tablets not only will they not resolve your stomach complaints but it'll make it worse by weakening the "fire" of your stomach, which is the digestion in itself.

So, instead of switching off the fire, why not simply reinforce your digestive motor, so to stop having troubles? (For a tailored solution to your stomach issues ask to our homeopath via familydeli chatbox or email )

Rule # 12

Wait to go to bed, at least 3 hours after eating your meal.

I know many who eat a large meal then go to bed then hearing them complain that not only they slept badly, but feel sick in the morning. If you eat late (you should not eat after around 8 pm) you should wait at least 3 hours before sleeping.


But how do you know if you have a weak stomach and a weak digestion?

That will be in the next blog post.

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