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Allergic Reaction Symptoms

Every minute someone in uk react to an allergen. Some may have light symptoms but others react strongly giving way to a whole ray of conditions that may last from a few hours to a few days. 

The allergy is the response of a weakened immune system. If the immune system is healthy and strong, there would be a mild or no reaction, to certain foods. Eating healthy is the only way to support a healthy immune system.  Among the many causes for the explosion of allergies all over the world, there is also the unhealthy food from the fast foods chains and the inability for many mothers to breastfeed their infants. The mother's milk is full of everything an infant needs to have a strong immune system once an adult.

Today, we have 21 million people suffering from allergies just in the UK.

Here are the signs of food allergy symptoms:

- Wheat / Gluten Allergy Symptoms - 

Headache, Migraine or difficulty in concentrating. Blurred vision. Fatigue appears suddenly as blood pressure falls. Difficulty in digesting. Skin rash. Irritated/inflamed skin (Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne), Constipation or Diarrhea. Joints and/or muscle pain and swelling. Stomach swelling, bloating, flatulence, Pain and discomfort, nausea and/or vomiting. Tingling sensation on the tongue, in the mouth, lips. Itchy ears, nose, anus or inside the mouth.

These are common symptoms when the histamine is released as a trigger to an allergy. Some other symptoms are sleeping too deep for hours, feeling faint and even black out. Some, even prefer to carry an antihistamine injection in their bag, in case of an allergic reaction. They also carry a special bracelet as a warning to others. If you prefer something more natural and less aggressive to the body, consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin C and taking Vitamin C (Time Release) can build your immune system and reduce dramatically the effects of histamine release. 

This is also true for milk allergy symptoms, egg allergy symptoms, dust allergy symptoms and taking Vitamin C (Time Release) can be an effective hay fever treatment and for the allergic reaction rash. For that purpose and for hay fever you may want to take 3000 mg daily until the symptoms subside.

vitamin c fight against histamine release

Vitamin c fight against histamine release and build strong immune system.


Another effective way to build a strong immune system in the case of persistence fatigue is taking 50 drops of Tabebujah in a bit of water, an african root with interesting beneficial effects on the body. This natural remedy, known for centuries, has no side effects and increases resistance to allergies and gives stamina.

Straining the body with excessive exercise can weaken the immune system in someone already prone to have allergic reactions. Mild weekly exercise will be more beneficial as a stress buster, another enemy of the immune system.

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