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Protect Yourself against Laptop Radiations - HOW?

Laptop, Computer, Tablet, Mobile....a real commodity of the modern time but such a harmful thing for our health! Many of us work in front of a laptop many hours each day and the problems that it gives is far bigger than the common dry eyes because each device release harmful radiations.

Are radiations really that dangerous?

Radiations are not compatible with the human body.

The human body is made of millions and millions of tiny cells that make up our entire system, including organs and blood. Radiations do mess about with us all even if we don't realise the strain our system is under on a daily basis. First, our eyes are under attack, then  we may notice the skin get inflamed and red then blurred vision, headaches and so on until the disturbance gets deeper.

Because of radiations, sleeping all night with the mobile phone or tablet beneath the cushion is not an advisable habit  for yourself  and who is in your immediate vicinity or even falling asleep while having the computer on your lap or at a short distance from you because the radiations released reach for about 1.5 meters distance. For a small device the distance shortens a bit, but not that much.

Is the modern commodity of these devices to be avoided altogether?

Unfortunately, our modern life made the internet a must-have in every household. We need it, we use it everyday and it's a must for work yet knowing the danger and taking the right kind of precautions will avoid pain later.

Some may say " the radiations coming from a device are very low-key and not very dangerous ".

They nay be "low-key" radiations ( meaning they don't kill immediately or within a short period of time like in the case of escaped nuclear radiation of some weird experiment in a secret lab), but radiations are radiations and they do harm our tissues and go deeper in our body while on our laptop.

But are they really low-key radiations?

Try this: buy a simple and inexpensive E.R.D. (Electromagnetic Radiation Detector) and check the amount of radiation coming from your laptop then move it away slowly and see when the signal become weak. You'll be surprised at the distance it takes for the radiations to become weak enough to be harmless. If the E.R.D shows 500 units or higher, you are exposing yourself to harmful radiations.                          

What can be done then to protect ourselves?

Awareness is certainly the first step. Then use the right kind of protection. You need to protect your DNA, the core of the formation of new cells. Radiation mess about with this process and it disturbs it to the point that the cells go crazy and start creating sick cells. Protecting your DNA will ensure healthy creation of new cells. Take daily 5 granules of 8G Arnica Montana with 6C potency, beneath your tongue. That will go straight into your bloodstream and protect the DNA. On top of that, Arnica gives you further benefits for your health.

Also, many already knows the powerful rebalancing method of the Black Tesla Lakhovsky plate card HERE MORE INFO      

                                teslavital is a card using lakhovsky engineering to protect against radiations released by laptops and other devices


Simply worn you are able to rebalance immediately the damaging effect of the radiations, and not only of the laptop but any radiations you get in contact with during the day. The Lakhovsky plate is german technology, studied and tested in the lab to exclusively protect and rebalance human body.

What else can help?

A healthy diet, surely does wonders. The healthier you are, the stronger you get.

There is no need to go to the gym everyday and sweat profusely 7 days a week, in fact too much of this weakens your system tremendously. A balanced exercise with a healthy, organic diet increases the amount of nutrients you fill your system with, making you stronger against health troubles. And drinking plenty of clean, pure filtered water and much less of alcoholic beverages, of course!

 We are constantly exposed to radiations- neighbours, co-workers, family members, shops, 5G poles all over the city and everything else - and that is enough for our system to cope with, but if we are aware and use precautions we can remain healthier in the long run.

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