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Blocked nose/ Tickly dry Cough - relief for adults & children (Covid)

If you ask my family what time of the year they like more, surprisingly they may answer "winter! because i can play with the snow"...fair enough. But with winter you get all the nasty viruses and bugs circulating in the air, including the covid virus that triggers flu with all the annoying symptoms. What to do?

If you are looking for a safe, natural remedy for blocked nose, dry ticklish cough here some natural remedy to go for. They are 100% safe as you are dealing with the energetic side of the plant only ( homeopathic remedies )  that function as "healing information for the body" and not with the plant in itself. 

See the list beneath and the indication.

Nose: Blocked nose + sneezing => Use Ammonium Carbonicum 

Acrid Cold: Cold, Need Relief from mucus acridity + tonic for voice & overexerted vocal chords, Inflammation & Swollen Throat with soreness => Use Arum Triphyllum 

Cold & Sinuses: Full and Painful Sinuses During Cold. Also, Thick Gluey Ropy Nasal Discharge (yellow when acute, then white and stringy if cold is prolonged) with crusts inside nose which leaves a raw sore surface when removed => Use Kali Bich

Cough: Croupy cough with dry throat, hoarse voice and sore, bruised chest with sticky ropy mucus, hard to expectorate. Cough worse in the morning and after eating.=> Use Kali Bich

Cough: Tight feeling in the chest with is dry with short dry frequent cough,or teasing cough. Soreness of throat. Longer coughs with retching and maybe headache => Use Nux Vomica

Sinusitis: Acute & Chronic, Fullness in sinuses especially below the eyes, pain in small spots or heaviness at the root of the nose. Nose discharge thick and stringy, nasal tone of voice from sinusitis => Use Kali Bich

Cold in the Head / Flu(common cold): Typical infection of the upper respiratory system due to a cold. Provides relief from nose congestion and promoted better breathing reducing inflammation. Dry hacking loud cough [short,dry & frequent cough] following colds. NOTE: With Coronavirus-19 most people have a dry cough, felt in the chest => Use Sticta (Lungwort) 

General Symptoms: The person feel irritated feeling worse from exertion or from feeling cold. This remedy relief flu-like symptoms, feeling run down, body aches and chills and fever => Use Nux Vomica 

APPLICATION for ADULTS and CHILDREN : Please get in contact by business whatsapp 0748 5047288 or use the FAMILYDELi Chat box

FLU, COLDS, FEELING ROUGH: SAMBUCUS as cut down all the symptoms of flu giving a quick relief. Great for healthy people but also for who have a compromised immune system. Sambucus, also called Elder-bush, Elderberry, Black Elder or simply Sambucus Nigra have amazing properties as its full of anthocyanins that have an anti-inflammatory effect relieving from aches, pains and fever. The Sambucus is also full of flavonoids that stimulate the immune system to battle against illness.  You may find Sambucus online from any health shop.

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