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Busy Life? Here's the danger!

According to a survey, people that leads a busy life tend to eat the same food, go to the same cafe`, drink mostly the same things over and over again because they have little or no time to check new foods, read labels or check the ingredients.

They eat what they know already because it feels safer.

This is dangerous for their health because eating the same food will give to the body the same nutrients and because there is no variety of nutrients, they are likely to get sick easily, making them vulnerable to external attackers like viruses, bugs etc... or to feel tired more often.

People that go regularly to the gym, are seen as healthier and stronger but that is because they keep on check what they eat in fact as soon as you join the gym you get told what to eat because a good variety of food gives you a good variety of nutrients, a real stamina pumper.

Especially people with allergies must check what they eat as they mostly need a good variety intake of food in order to support their health, and that is true for any age. [watch video]

        familydeli product check operating in uk italy and wales

Meeting the challenge to check constantly the new food you wish to try its hard, because you have no time at all. It may take time to search online or on your local supermarket and believe it or not, some brands make mistakes on the ingredients list and you may end up eating what is not exactly good for you.

FAMILYDELi, does the leg-work for you. They check every single products we put into our online shop, asking to the brands personnel to double check the ingredients and confirm them for us. They also advice if a product is suitable for diabetics or gluten intolerance. So they call brands all over UK going as far as Italy and so far they even spotted two gross mistakes by two brands asking them to rectify the mistakes also on their own website! :) 

You know that what you buy from FAMILYDELi is being checked and checked again for your total peace of mind! That is because they care to give you the security you need leaving you time and freedom to do what you care most.

 And that's not only reassuring but a real life saver in this modern busy world!

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