Coeliac friendly foods - where to find them?

It can be hard at first to understand and put into practice all the new information given by doctor or nutritionist, it may feel overwhelming especially if you are a mother and the person affected by coeliacs is a minor.

You may have doubts about the effectiveness of the diet especially thinking about the proper amount of vitamins and minerals in your new way of life - and eating - that helps in keeping your minor - or yourself - healthy and energetic and strong enough to fight flu winter after and you may wonder WHERE am i going to find food that suits my allergies and my lifestyle?

I do not have coeliac disease but i do know that both me and my daughter Sofia feel very bad after eating even just a small amount of wheat and as we were the very few people around me,having this kind of problem about 16 years ago, trust me it was not fun while trying to understand the issue and cook the right kind of food for both of us while the cramps were taking my breath away or feeling extra tired and bloated straight after lunch.

That is why, we put together the most wanted and the most yummy Gluten Free Food  - and others - in our online shop, Familydeli. I am pleased to say that we are the FIRST EVER Free From Online Supermarket DEDICATED only to ALTERNATIVE Foods! That will surely SIMPLIFY your life when a matter of buying food online for your family, who is affected by allergies and intolerances!

Obviously, WE TRY every new product before to say YES to it, so to make sure to offer unique, quality products to you.

We have foods from Mr Organic, Anila's, Willie's Cacao, Amisa & Biona, Al'Fez, Garofalo, Artisan Grain, Charlie & Ivy, English Tea Shop, Popcorn Shed, Belazu, Artisan Biscuits, Just Wholefoods, Thai Taste, Mutti, Briscoe's Jellies, Kikkoman, Manfood, The Coconut Kitchen, Inspired Vegan, Stag Bakeries, Spice Pots, Family Secrets and many many more and more are coming soon!

Yes, we have been very busy! I am sure you too, will find something nice to try out.

Happy Shopping!

Annamaria -----xx


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