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Colostrum - Health Benefits for Adults

Every newborn milk formula brand is ready to swear that their product is the best a mother could buy for her baby, yet ask yourself why every mother gets told to try hard to keep breastfeeding and to go on milk formula only when every other option has been tried first.

Answer: the milk from the mother, the colostrum, is so packed full of nutrients - especially vitamin A since newborn babies are born with a lack of it -exactly what a new little human must have to be healthy in the present time & future and every doctor or student in medicine knows that anything else will never be good enough.

Truth is that not every mother could pass on important nutrients via breastfeeding her baby and that could be for various reasons including illness or a genuine low milk production and that is tough for the baby since will grow up lacking of extremely important nutrients not for the body only but also for the mind. No wonder then that we have a real food allergy epidemic literally all over the world.

In America 32 million people have allergies, and every year the number grows significantly, according to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America A.A.F.A. and in UK things are not better, in fact according to N.A.R.F. only in 2010 44% have been reported having at least one allergy and 48% of UK households said that at least one member in their family could not eat certain foods. On top of that, many autoimmune diseases are constantly on the rise.

 If the colostrum is so important to newborn babies, can adults take it?

Absolutely yes, with immense benefits for body and mind. There are many products out there in the internet and every one of them is possibly slightly different from the other but the one that I use for my clients have the following benefits:

- High percentage of tryptophan, essential for the serotonin development (called the happy hormone) 

- active ingredient: Alpha-lactalbumin (A-LA) a small protein with 123 amino acids - amino acids are essential for life -  that in turn support a myriad of biological function, among those there's stress reduction, antibacterial activity, antihypersensitive action, cell growth regulation, anti-ulcer activity, immunomodulating and the essential benefit of the intestine, the home of the immune system, the mother of your health and mental wellbeing.

The intestine regulate and support brain health, so all the problems and illnesses related to the brain resides in your intestine - including  depressions.

                        healthy woman

But here some more for you to consider:

- Rebalancing of the intestinal bacteria

- Reduction of gut dysbiosis

-Reduction of intestinal permeability 

- Production of intestinal mucus, nourishment of the immune system's cells

-Anxious states, Nervous Hunger


- Rebalance the PH of the stomach & Intestines

- Prostaglandins Production

- Tiredness, Mental Clarity, Mood Tone, Insomnia

-Chronic Pain, Headaches and Food Allergies & Intolerances

- Trauma, Shock Release

In fact,according to scientists and doctors all over the world virtually all the human diseases may come from the intestines, from a singular headache to cancer, so a healthy gut should be everyone's priority.

Unfortunately this kind of knowledge is reserved only to doctors and the common person out there has no idea of this important fact or how to proceed in health's enhancement for himself and his family, and this is something that saddens me because with a bit of knowledge we can truly overturn the health state of many.

Knowledge truly is power.

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