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Constipation - from Mild to Severe - What to do

Constipation. What a horrible thing to experience. 

Some may say that it appear with apparent no reason, but trust me there is always a reason, in fact constipation is a sign of a weak digestive system, mainly because the digestive tract is rebelling against a wrong routine of food intake, but not only.

WATER. How many today drink just plain water during the day? Answer: not many.

Water is the very first thing the body needs in order to keep it clean, uncluttered from toxins. When toxins becomes too many for the body to deal with, we get constipation. Water also keep the stool of the right consistency for the body to be able to expel.

Try starting your day by drinking a glass of water and finish your day, before going to bed, with a nice glass of water. Make it a habit. Some don't like plain water and genuinely struggle to drink. You may find it helpful to drink warm water maybe even adding a few drops of lemon. Keep count of how much you drink, as the body needs at least 1.7 liters per day in winter and more than 2 liters per day in summer. 

FOOD. Vegetables must be eaten regularly, so fruit. Again, try to eat fruit and nuts (if you have no allergies, of course) as a snack. That will fill you with nutrients as well as fibre your body needs to do the job  right.

You may wish to try out stir-fries (take care to use very little oil) if you find steamed veggies boring. Stir-fry vegetables becomes juicy and tasty when cooked in this way and let's face t, it's a fun thing to do. Add some chopped onions, chopped garlic, salt or maybe soy sauce instead of salt, red peppers, yellow peppers, asparagus, parsley and so much more! Make it fun, colourful and flavour your meal with joy...maybe some chopped chicken? salmon in bits? I love to finish it off with a handful of croutons ( i make them with gluten free bread - chopped in small squares, thrown them in a pan, little olive oil or even a little ghee and keep stir them until they get brown and toasty).

Yes, food should be fun, colourful and terribly tasty!

MOVEMENT. The body is made for movement, sitting long hours does not do any good to anyone. If you can't go out to walk in nature, at least you should consider a walk on the spot for a good 45 minutes at least every day. Your blood circulation needs to be nudged and so does your intestine. If you feel brave enough, get a dvd with gentle exercise and try to follow it at least twice a week complementing it with the 45 minutes walk per day. This is a great start! 

Severe constipation is not fun though, so can you do if you find yourself in a pickle?

*In case of severe constipation, there is only one thing for it. Epsom Salts (which is magnesium sulphate ) melt it in the night time in a glass of warm water and drink it before going to bed. It will stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines in a gentle but consistent way so you won't suffer tummy ache or cramps yet it will be effective. If it doesn't help at first, during the next day you may want to help the epsom salts further by eating yoghurt with live cultures in it (good  daily habit to eat this) then repeat at night the epsom salts in warm water. It will help.

If you have constipation on a regular basis, consider to change your diet for better. Fibre. Enough water. Good amount of veggies, salads & fruits. Lean meat, plenty of fish or avocados (there is so many recipes about avocados! Yummy and simple to do)  and regular movement. This is a good way to start. 

Look after your body and your body will look after you. I am sure you agree.

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