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Detox - cleanse diet

Detox - We all need to detoxify at least once per year. Why?

Simply put because everything around us - air, soil, food & stressors - are toxic. Our inner system suffers as it gets clogged every month more and slows down ; organs pay the consequence, including our mind.

Many like to follow fads diets, all of them, while some likes to switch to a new one now and then, while taking supplements and even baby food for proteins...it seems like everyone has something to say or to advise and even swears that some methods work better than others...well, here is the truth about it.

To remove toxins from the body it takes time, so if you fancy a whole month detox think again, you may need at least 3 months. Why? Because natural detox takes time as it needs to be done safely, without giving stress to your body - and mind -

People that tend to feel nervous under detox or diet are people that like to rush to see immediate results but are the first ones to get back to square one as soon as they stop dieting or detoxing. They will feel sluggish just after less than a couple of months or putting weight on easier!

Doing things too harsh and for a short time will simply redistribute the toxins all over the body. Time will, instead, flush them out of your system once and for all. If you wish to cleanse your body from sugar, for instance, or any other food/beverages you should keep going for at least 3 months.

There are many cleansing diets out there, the no grain one, the only juices one, the one for gluten sensitivity, the water one, the cider one...oh dear! so many to make anyone feel confused and nauseous. In my humble experience I can honestly say that the detox food is the best! Here how it works:

You use food to detoxing your body by eating the best food for the typical 3 months. By best food I mean organic vegetables, juicy sweet fruit that you can use for making your own sorbets and refreshing salads with green leaves and super sweet tomatoes, avocados - so full of omega 3 & 6 -  and of course drinking plenty of filtered water - please check the level of chloride and fluoride, the lowest the better -  to help every single corner of your body flush out anything you don't need. First thing first, a nice cup of water with lemon as soon as you get up. That alone will speed up the evacuation regularly. A good natural yoghurt with no sugar and plenty of lactobacillus in it will also keep you regular naturally. 

A great intake of vitamins and minerals will give energy to your system to flush every toxin out as you use your own energy to clean yourself for an effective detox.

eating healthy is a constant detox keeping you young and healthy and strong

What if you feel peckish? Fruits, organic nuts (if you are not allergic) and seeds (anything you fancy to try). Instead of sugar ( white or brown or chemicals sweeteners) try organic honey - and don't be scared to try healthy smoothies made by organic fruit and alternative milk.

Fancy to try soya food? Soya food is especially good for women as there is a compound in the soys that rebalance hormones. Chocolate is good but only organic and dark chocolate or bake a cake using organic honey for instance.

I bet, after 3 months, you will feel not only lighter and healthier but you will also look thinner, glowing with natural beauty. Why? Because eating healthy is a constant detox.

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