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Diabetic diet food list

For anyone becoming diabetic it's important to understand that not all food in display in any food store is ok to eat.

It's essential to create your own healthy grocery list so to minimise any mistakes in buying food that its just a no-no for your needs.

So, what can a diabetic eat? 

At number one, you have all the veggies and fruit you can see anywhere around you. In fact, try to est different types of veggies and learn to cook them with spices you enjoy and love.You can make a lovely ratatouille [so easy to make!], delicious soups, pasta sauces and even healthy dips and spreads for meat & fish. Many like to push some toasted bread in their dish and i totally understand the need to have bread. There are many low carb bread easy to make at home or to buy in  your online food shopping.

1 ANY VEGETABLE yes, vegetables! 

2 ANY FRUIT always in season, not in tin!


4 ANY PULSES packed full with essential minerals & vitamins [get them already cooked, it's easier & safer]

5 PLANT-BASED PASTA & RICE so popular, so tasty!

6 FRESHLY HOME MADE FRUIT JUICES it takes 2 minutes!



What do i mean by RAW? I mean all the cakes that are fruit based with raw nut cream based so popular nowadays on the net. A quick search will entice you in trying out some real good goodies. So easy, quick and exceedingly tasty! You won't believe is all raw stuff! I know i simply love this kind of food!

Eventually, you can buy a book that teach you how to prepare these kind of super healthy, super yummy and filling foods! 

What do i mean for plenty of good water?

Certainly not the tap water. Tap water or council water is by far the worse kind of water you could use to hydrate yourself. The level of fluoride and chloride is way higher than the consented line. Many bottled water are extremely bad too as the level is again too high for both fluoride and chloride. How do some company are allowed to pollute people...i will never understand that!!! The level of both of this chemicals should never go higher than 1%. Think about it, you will drink water for the rest of your life, you dont want too much of neither in your system, unless you wish to have health complications! A source of good healthy water can be obtained if a filter system is in place, in your own home or office. Many businesses and homeowners rely on filters to cut down with unnecessary chemicals. After researching for my own home and business, i have found EAST MIDLAND WATER to be just perfect for this purpose.  

Look after yourself and you will become lean, strong, healthier - you won't become sick easily - and with an appetite for life and good mood experiences.!

Here at we have tons of products for diabetics. Check it out & Enjoy!


By Annamaria XX

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