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Eaten Wrong Food? - What to do

In case of no severe reaction:

It is enough a mis-communication in the restaurant or pub kitchen and you've ended up eating something you shouldn't. On a night out, it's quite easy to eat something that is not compatible with your diet, especially if you suffer allergies, and it won't take long until you realise something is wrong.  

In similar occasions, it's a good habit to pop in your bag a tablet of milk thistle and to take it immediately for relief. Milk thistle is an amazing plant that can come to our aid for many symptoms. Here some benefit worthy of our attention:

1) It is used in alternative natural healing method and gives no addiction

2) effective against heartburn

3) relieves seasonal allergy symptoms

4) reduces allergic reactions

5) has anti-inflammatory effects

6) antihistamine properties

7) it detoxes the liver & maintains a healthy liver

8) enhances pancreatic functions

9) enhances kidney functions

10) may reverse damage of liver caused by free radicals

There are many other benefits of taking milk thistle, in fact the list goes on and it's quite long. In this blog post I only indicate the benefits relating to food/liver organs in general and allergy related issues.

IMPORTANT: it's important to remember to never have milk thistle with alcohol! 

You can buy Milk Thistle in tablets online, higher the percentage [or the mg] of silymarin, the stronger the effect. It is safe to take unless you have a proved allergy to it.

If you've drank alcohol during the night and feel severe symptoms of having eaten something not in line with your allergies, it's always the best to go straight to the hospital, or call the emergency number.

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