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Essential First Aid Kit for Families

We've all been there! Here's the youngest child with a nasty cut in utter shock as the blood springs out like a little fountain. Or the oldest daughter having a panic attack and the mother doesn't know exactly what to do apart from keep repeating "breath slowly and deeply" or what about an annoying bee sting that makes the middle finger looks like a sausage or a bad bruise after falling from the ladder or a sudden high fever that won't go away and you know that it's not a job for antibiotics...what about teething or toothache, headaches, insomnia and so on? 

Life presents us with many emergencies, some pretty small and quite resolvable with a bit of common sense but other can come scarily upon us or our kids and for some reason (like in the Covid era) you just can't contact your doctor and God forbids trying to get an appointment!

Punctures, wounds, strains, sprains and sores and anything else in the middle are at times just unavertable especially if you have adventurous teens at home.

                           man falling from stairs and hurting himself

As a homeopath, you know i am going to advice natural remedies for each one of these trouble and i can assure you that they are way more effective, quick-resolving and with no side effects for both kids and adults and yes, even for pets - yep! pets too!- 

Did you know just getting a Basic Homeopathic Kit [ use code: ANNAMARIA-RB for earning £10* - you're welcome! ]

You get all the natural remedies you actually need for any emergency you may encounter for yourself and your family?   Inside there is a booklet that will guide you of what to take for whatever emergency you find yourself in.

Health emergency? Maybe, but this time let's be prepared! 

essential first aid kit for families homeopathic remedies



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