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Fight inflammation Effectively


"All diseases originate from the intestine" Hippocrates said about 2300 years ago!

We can in fact define our intestine as our Technical Command Center, from where everything is managed through inflammation. And who manages the Technical Center and inflammation?

The bacteria! Bacteria are present throughout our body. We have 10 bacteria for each cell that makes up our body.

To give you a practical example, imagine a turtle, the carapace (the shell) is the cells and everything inside is made up of bacteria. The intestine is the organ most populated by these microorganisms; in fact there are more than 500 different families of bacteria inside.

We have the GOOD bacteria (good friends who protect us), the BAD bacteria (involved in pathologies) and the NITTY-GRITTY that give us information on physiology, metabolism and clinical characteristics of a person. These families (the GOOD & the BAD bacteria or biome) every day, work and collaborate in synergy in our body with our vital functions.

healthy woman looking at panoramic view

When these families are balanced, we remain in a state of vibrant health, but when these families are not balanced we have all sorts of health troubles. Our health disintegrates literally day after day. We get allergies, intolerances, pains and aches, diabetes, cancer and so on.

Whoever studied medicine, knows how to beat diabetes, how to beat cancer, how to beat allergies but the system works in a way to create business for all the different departments and venues. We carry on being sick seeing the same health professionals delivering their next wage.

I want to change all this. 

I am going to tell you exactly what to do to make things happen and how to help your biome to get back into balance and how to remain healthy.

I am finishing my first EBOOK and soon you will be able to purchase it, but not only. I created a FACEBOOK HUB where I can follow personally everyone's progress and assist whoever is in need.

If you desire a copy of this ebook, please PRE-ORDER now. 

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