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Food Allergy - Living with. Is Food Functioning?

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Can we counteract the influence of an industry that won't change? 



If you'd like to get annoyed about something, I do recommend Dr Michael Mosley's Who Made Britain Fat?, broadcast on Channel 4 and now available on catch-up.

It's not a good doctor program that annoys me; it's the fact that 30 years after the UK first anti-obesity campaign, we are still back on square one with this very issue, in fact we are getting worse!

Mosley talked extensively about the responsibility that lies in each one of us as the matter of willpower in deciding and sticking to the decision to eat healthily, and not only when an allergy emerge may I add but its also how marketers are bypassing advertising regulations to make us feel warm and happy about fast food, even loved.

London is full of endless rows of fried chicken shops at very low cost and with very low nutritional values too! 

Talking as a nutritionist coach, I know that eating often food with very low nutritional values make people feel easily stressed, tired, low-key angry and in time sick! Apart from inherited illnesses like genetic disorders, almost every single sickness is the direct result of a lack of micro & macro nutrients in our bodies. That, in turn, affect us all emotionally, psychologically  and even spiritually.

 We all need to take on our shoulders the responsibility to become healthy eaters for a better healthy future! Don't you agree?

On the other side, you have health fanatics that throw on internet crazy diet ideas,  advice on how to shed pounds in just a few weeks, crazy gym routines that harm heart and health altogether and even tablets to keep you slim making brits confused and at times even ill!

 So, what works and what doesn't ?

There are health guidelines that unfortunately are often ignored that are essential to be healthy and remain such. Part of this guideline is eating fresh organic fruit (2-4 pieces x day) and  yes! i wrote "organic" in bold as many feel it's a waste of money while it's not! and fresh organic salads and  fresh organic vegetables. Many still today have the feeling of being doomed by fruit-salad-veggie punishment for the rest of their lives and give up for a quick fish 'n chips bought at the corner of their street!

Do not be confused! 

You can eat some already cooked food, obviously! when you are pushed for time but check if its organic, and in line with your allergies and intolerances, but never give up on fresh organic fruit, veg and refreshing salads! This is my point!

Your health and your waistline will thank you, but also your moods, energy and vitality. Yes! Your overall life will simply get better.

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