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Gluten Free Checklist - PART l

checklist made by hand writing or by computer

Have you been diagnosed with Gluten Free Intolerance/Allergy?

It can be hard at first to outsource food in line with your newly discovered allergies. You may find something interesting at your local supermarket, but what about if you prefer to actually cook a meal from scratch?

What flour can I have? you may ask.

Is gluten free oat good enough?

What about gluten free pasta? meatless gluten free....or not?

Familydeli put together a Gluten Free Checklist to make it easier for you to recognise what is good for you and what to avoid and what is best to check.




Buckwheat flour, Chestnut flour, Millet flour, Polenta flour (cornmeal in UK),  Quinoa flour (better when mixed with other flour), Tapioca flour, Teff flour (better when mixed with other flours), Amaranth flour ( not so common to find in Uk ), ALL the flour mix that are labelled Gluten Free 

If a flour you are allowed is NOT clearly labelled Gluten Free, remember that it could be contaminated with gluten.



Yes, to all as long as it's clearly labelled GLUTEN FREE

Macaroons and Meringues and Biscotti and Gelato Cones. If not clearly labelled Gluten Free, it means that they could be contaminated with gluten.



Yes, to all as long as they are clearly labelled GLUTEN FREE

No to all the cereals that are NOT clearly labelled Gluten Free, even if they are corn based, rice based or millet/oat based because they could easily be contaminated with gluten.



Yes to all, as long as it's clearly labelled GLUTEN FREE

Yes to brown rice pasta, corn pasta, quinoa pasta and a mix of different flours + italian gnocchi ( but always check the ingredients to be extra safe)


No, to all kinds of pasta that is NOT clearly labelled Gluten Free.

Check for buckwheat pasta/Soba noodles and rice noodles as many companies specialise in just making these products and naturally there is no cross contamination with gluten, within their premises.



Yes to all as long as it's clearly labelled GLUTEN FREE 

(sometime may be labelled gluten free only among the ingredients, so double check the ingredients to be certain)

 No, to all meat in sauces, breadcrumbs or marinated unless there is no gluten within the ingredients.



Yes, Tofu (but always check the ingredients to be certain )

 Careful to Tofu if it is marinated, or combined with other ingredients especially in sausages, falafel or burgers. Always check the ingredients. If not clearly labelled Gluten Free it very likely is contaminated with gluten.



Yes, to all ( If you have no dairy allergies/intolerance )

Yes, Including the nut based cheese and spreads ( always check for any extra ingredients you may not be happy with )

Always check for added ingredients, especially in soft spread.




Yes, to all as long as you don't have any allergies to dairies


 Be careful to oat milk, condensed milk, yogurts, soya milk, soya yogurts, rice milk and fromage frais as it may be contaminated.



Always check the ingredients for extra safety.



Always check the ingredients. Generally any italian sauce is safe, since they are tomato based and herbs.


Last words:

Always check fruit juices, drinks and beverages ( including for children ) as it could be cross contaminated. If you feel worried perhaps it is best to make juices at home and pour them into your favourite bottle before leaving home.

It may take some time for you to adjust and learn to relax, trusting brands but it will all come together and it will become a way of life. In time you'll be healthier, stronger and you'll enjoy your food again.

Hope this Gluten Free Checklist helped you and if you have a specific concern send me an email and i will answer you at support@familydeli.co.uk

 Gluten Free Food UK  Checklist - Part ll HERE



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