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Health Benefits of Cider Vinegar

the many uses of vinegar
Vinegar - this golden liquid that can enhance any salad in every plate around the world - did you know that apple cider vinegar was used in ancient times to cure and clean wounds and cuts? What about today? How can cider vinegar increase your health and perhaps even help you around the house? Let's see.
  • It helps losing weight as it accelerates the metabolism inducing a quicker fat burning activity. Of course the idea of drinking pure cider vinegar every day can making you gag or retching so if you want to try for a short period  - vinegar is still acid and it could disturb your stomach lining and digestion over long period of time - I would suggest adding water (no fizzy).


  • It reduces cholesterol & triglycerides because increases the natural chemical reaction and over time it decreases the fat in circulation (Please note that if you have already a build up fatty plaques in veins or arteries you can eliminate them using concentrated grapes skin in tablets every day after at every meal)


  • It considerably lowers blood sugar. Another fact backed by science, but please make sure to check with your doctor if already taking tablets to lower blood sugar level.

Did you know that cider vinegar is high in beneficial substances that's great for toning?

In fact because it is acidic it's great to use as face packs and reinforces the natural barrier of the skin and useful to balance redness caused by dermatitis - or localised dermatitis - and rosacea to rebalance the PH of the skin. If you make 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part filtered water you can use this very old remedy for washing & toning for a naturally clean, toned and glowing face! (Please be aware if you have eczema you should not use this remedy)

You may fancy to try out using apple cider vinegar even for cleaning tile floors (I tried and it gets clean and shiny!) or to sterilize objects of daily use like cutlery or cooking pans including your sink! It kills bacteria with no mercy.


Dosage & How to use it  

Some prefer to drink the apple cider vinegar especially after a meal as it gives a nice sensation of fullness - but remember that in the long run this habit can cause side effects - here's a tip to use it. Put it in your cooking. HERE 10 WAYS TO USE VINEGAR IN YOUR COOKING :)

But what are the apple cider vinegar side effects?

There are a few that you need to be aware of. HERE THE ENTIRE LIST 

As in everything, if used in a balanced way apple cider vinegar can be quite a resource in your home and for your health and your family's health.

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