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1 Step to Deal with Tension, Stress, or Feelings of Misery

Many expect good things from 2022, what about you?

It's no use to deny that we are living in a period of uncertainty and because of it, we may feel at times in fear, tense or anxious.

How do you personally cope? What's helping you to just get back to yourself and get on with your life?

Some reach out for something not healthy, like smoking, a can of beer or worse. There is no need to rely on addictive stuff when there is a lot else you can do.

Here is my idea that I know works well.

Kali. Phos. (Potassium Phosphate), this is an exceptional tissue salt as it helps to create a feeling of wellbeing by calming, quieting and steadying, almost instantaneously. Two small tablets of this phenomenon essential tissue salt, sucked quietly and slowly while breathing deeply will ease any tension, anxiety, grief, fear and even misery.

Vital in times of despair or when we feel negative about something. Helps anyone, from children to adults and elderly as it restores the balance of the nerves and brings positivity and a desire to carry on.

You can buy this salt literally anywhere online for a few pounds, and in times of need you can suck 2 tablets every 2 hours even for all day. Kali. Phos. has also an unique properties that slows down the decay of body tissues to the point of stopping this process and helps in the repairing of damage. 

Dr Schuessler called this important salt, the "balancing salt", so where there is pain, discomfort, a lack, Kali. Phos. will supply its healing power to cover the need, whether physical or emotional.


For the body to thrive there must be a good supply of all the nutrients it needs on a daily basis, it also needs daily exercise especially if you sit down for long hours, and daily elimination of waste. This will provide healthy blood that is full of all the elements needed to build new strong healthy cells.

Confused with all the information given by the media, many eat what they "feel" is right . But, is it really right? A strong perception of what is right or following the mass doesn't make it right for everyone. In reality the body must have all the nutrients in order to function as it should.

Would you be interested in knowing HOW TO REMAIN HEALTHY? Simple rules that makes the difference?

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