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How to sleep well

A good night sleep is essential since we all lead very busy lives.

At times, even though we put into practice a healthy night time routine, we may end up waking up during the night remaining awake for many hours. Unfortunately, many do suffer from a kind of anxiety that is felt at deep hours of the night when the brain processes thoughts  that could have not being processed during the day due to the busy schedule.

To have a good night sleep is essential to talk about situations and feelings that remain under cover during the day. Open communication with someone you regard worthy of your trust is important not only for a good night sleep, but for maintaining mental stability also. That, could be a challenge for a british person since its quite in the culture not to let go and talk openly about anything that may hinder a sense of serenity or mental peace, but learning to let go it's quite important, in fact we own it to ourselves.

What if you cannot find a solution to a problem? What can you do to remain calm?

Its true, at times anxiety strikes because a problem is nagging us and we just can't find a solution. Those tough times are called for endurance.

Here's the meaning of the word endurance = the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. What does it mean exactly?

Endurance allow you to remain calm in situation of stress, maintaining a bright hope for the future. It's more than just "chin up". It's a quality that unfortunately is not being taught in school but its acquired over time by keeping the right mental attitude while experiencing trials.       

                    family supporting each other in times of need

Open communication helps you keep that positiveness in your mind while experiencing the full emotional support knowing that you are not alone. That is why a strong affectionate relationship with your best friend or your spouse or partner is absolutely essential. That open strong relationship will enable to help, support each other and truly relying on each other to the point to feel safe in each other arms.

It may sound like the words of a psychotherapist but in reality it's just practical wisdom taught in an ancient book wrote by the King Solomon - a very practical yet wise powerful man of old - In its pages we read " Like apples of gold in silver carvings is a word spoken at the right time". 

Support, understanding, compassion and affection coupled with tenderness will ensure not only a good night sleep but warmness for the entire family.

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