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Immunotherapy for Allergy - A New Discovery from Italy

When i heard that a doctor in Italy found a remedy that erase all allergies I was extremely intrigued to know all about it, since I studied medicine myself I wanted to know the technicality of this treatment and how biologically an allergy can be, let's say, rectified.

So, I headed over to his website and contacted his spokesman Luca Gatti and filled his head with all the questions I could think of.

After the 1 1/2 hour continuously talking back and forward with questions and answers, he gave me to try out the medicine itself. He said "- You will immediately feel a cooling sensation while drinking it and you'll feel it down to your very stomach and beyond." and because all he said made quite sense I was expecting results.

So here I was drinking this allergy shot and yes, i felt this most soothing effect down my throat and stomach. It's now been a while since I have been taking this treatment and i can tell it is working. Luca Gatti's daughter, a beautiful blonde tall girl studying at uni, had the most severe allergies due to the fact that her mother could not breastfeed her so milk formula have been feeding her. Well, after a whole year taking regularly this remedy ( which i am going to explain in the next blog exactly what it is and why its working ) she is now healed and have no allergies at all. In fact she eat wheat, dairy, drinking coke and her sleeping patterns got better and better during all the treatment. Her digestion is great, no more rash all over her body, no more breathing difficulties due to her dust allergy....I saw her, spoke to her and i was there to witness it all.

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I am glad that a doctor found the allergy medication to reset the intestine (the core issue of any allergies and human illnesses). Also, some allergies are born out of emotional shock, even a trauma (with various symptoms like tiredness, fatigue, lack of appetite, difficulty in sleeping and so on) messing about our very inner balance (immune system, hormones etc...) but I have noticed that i am resolving my emotions (we all have unresolved emotions that push down heavily on us making our system suffering with grieve and stress).

Since i saw my father dying in front of my eyes, collapsing right on my feet and my sister dying on the very hour i saw her, trust me my system had the shock of my life! Everything in my system just got bad (including my skin) so a good rebalancing remedy is literally what the doctor ordered! and i have noticed improvements in just 2 1/2 months. I also lost weight doing literally nothing! My hormones are rebalancing as well and I have no problems sleeping anymore. I eat well, i digest well! My body is literally getting stronger and fitter, I have noticed my stamina got back too!

Can we truly rebalance our inner system and reset our core, the centre of our being and heal allergies or any other metabolic issue? Yes, we can! This method is being tested over thousands and thousands of people with any allergy possible ( i was allergic to sugar!) and all of them said the same thing over and over again :" I am well, I have no more allergies! Thank you!" 

So, I will explain this remedy on my next blog.

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