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Indigestion & Acid Reflux. Why? How to avoid? Q&A

indigestion is a sign of deep stress

Indigestion and acid reflux is as common today as the clouds in the sky. The words indigestion and acid reflux have been typed on google around 40,000 times in just one single month! Clearly, there are many brits suffering on a daily basis from these ailments.

But what makes the stomach stop digesting the food ingested? How to prevent indigestion? How to cope when we suffer indigestion?


Indigestion can be prevented by simply chewing more the food. Yes! Simple, isn't it? The truth is for one reason or the other many don't chew properly at all but as soon as the big bite is chew three or four times is soon swallowed down with no second thought. Do this enough and it becomes an engraved habit. You won't even realise it and not just that, you could swear you chew really well your food!

1) Take your time, chew at least 20 times every single bite and learning to take smaller bites will only improve the work that the stomach needs to do.


2) Consider what you are eating.

Yes, many just eat what they fancy but if its clear that the stomach can't have it, why carry on eating the food you cannot have?

Foods like chillies, peppers, black pepper, garlic and so on may be part of your personal intolerance, or perhaps even a clear allergy.


3) Junk Food.

Yes, i know that some fast food looks  "healthier", but is it? Is it still fried? Is it still oily? Is it still coated with creams or else? Those foods take a real toll on our stomach, because we have not being designed to eat in this way.

The stomach weakens to the point that even eating homemade food gives indigestion or acid reflux.

4) Start eating organic vegetables (in small quantities at first) as you need to reform the stomach lining. Once you feel comfortable with the amount of vegetables you eat, increase the amount a bit. Carry on until your stomach is comfortable so you can increase the amount more and more. The same for homemade smoothies made with solely organic fruits.

Eat white rice, potatoes, meat, fish, all while taking small bites and chewing really well.

5) Eat at regular times.

Eating when you fancy is a big no-no for anyone stomach. There are set times when to eat, and we should strive to maintain a certain regularity. If you feel peckish between meals, fruits and nuts should be considered. That will make the stomach feel full enough until the next meal.

6) Consider what you drink.

I personally know people that never drinks any water at all. They drink anything but water. This is a very dangerous habit as the body ( every single organ, every single cell of our system ) needs water to function. From the stomach, to the liver, to the kidneys. Water is the very liquid that keeps you alive. That is why I always advise to drink only filtered water so to make sure that the body can clean itself from any sort of pollution that comes from the body itself and the outside world. The air is full of toxins. (never saw the white thick stripes in the air? Those stripes are full of heavy metals. We breathe them in and pollute our system.)

If you feel stomach pain when you drink water, you should drink lukewarm water in small sips often during the day.

7) Don't take anti acid tablets.

This is a biggy, because the gp often order those tablets to you and this may trick you to think that those remedies are actually healthy. No! They are not.

The anti acid tablet reduce the ability of the stomach to digest, meaning that if you start taking them you will be soon trapped into a vicious circle where you will need them all the time. In the end of the day, the national health system is a business and need you to keep buying so to give a wage to everyone working for it. There are some who rely on your misinformation.

The stomach is a real factory that breaks down food, digest it and makes it ready for the next organ. Tilt the balance of this factory and your entire digestive tract goes mental. So take care to fully chew your food, eat as healthy and organic as you reasonably can, sip lukewarm filtered water and increase regularly the amount of vegetables and fruits you eat during the day and you'll soon will be out of misery.

What to do if you cannot digest?

Simply drink boiled water, sip it until you start digesting again. The hot water will burst the air bubbles formed into your stomach (that is what stop the digestion) and you'll soon be able to digest again.

This trick may need to be repeated until your stomach get strong enough to stop forming air bubbles.

What can you do if you feel acid and pain in your stomach?

Nibble a piece of raw potato or chew well a piece a bread.That will absorb the extra acid formed in your stomach without compromising even further your weak stomach.

What if i have indigestion for stress?

Keep in your kitchen cupboard a bottle of lemon balm (natural remedy) and have 2 ml before or after breakfast/lunch/dinner. The lemon balm help and support digestion, calm down nerves, anxiety and even panic attacks.

If you feel that you need more advice please get in touch for a more tailored advice.


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