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Are the ADDITIVES/PRESERVATIVES in your food making you sick?

As a mother and wife and a former student of medicine and homeopath I put a great deal of importance in what I prepare at home for lunch and dinner as nutrition is at the very core of your health. You truly are what you eat, so if you don't feel well perhaps you should consider what you fill your tummy with. 

Takeaways seems to be a quick answer for an appetising meal, and even nutritious but are they really quick and full of vitamins? What's in a takeaway?

1) Why are you not allowed to eat food from a takeaway the next day? If it's completely fresh - as they may say - you would be able to and without consequences [many each year end up in hospital for food poisoning after eating their takeaways a couple of days after purchase]

2) What kind of flavour enhancers - a.k.a additives - are there in a takeaway? All takeaways shops need to be fast in processing orders, they cannot cook everything from fresh  ingredients so they rely on preserved half-prepared food with a long shelf life relying on CHEMICALS, READ HERE THE LIST.

additives and preservatives in your food or take away may make you feel unwell

Chemicals are prepared in a lab to serve the purpose or fill up a need in the commercial system but not really cares for your guts or digestive tract.  These additives, preservatives and chemicals of various type are allowed  in various countries it doesn't mean that they are completely safe. Always get info on something you are not sure about. I certainly do, not only at home but I use the same care also for what i stock up on in the Familydeli online shop. 

3) COLOURANTS - oh yes! and many of them. You can find them in any sort of prepared foods and in many cultures. Again they are chemicals with the unique purpose to colour your food without any second thought about your health. 

Red, yellow and green colourants can and do harm your health quite substantially if eaten regularly. We are so careful to give to our children proper food that look after their health so we should consider wisely our habits too.

When I am pushed for time I prefer to have a real easy quick meal that pleases the entire family. Organic eggs, organic salad with a nice chunk of rustic bread with organic mayo or perhaps vegan cheese or fish. Easy. Stress-free and most of all super quick. And HEALTHY. 


Takeaways are known to be full of fats [ the kind that are very harmful for your arteries and health in general ] so eating them regularly, even only once a week can truly shorten your life span of years... in my own world it's not worth it!

If you are often pushed for time, consider to cook once every two weeks a big batch of tomato sauce and veggies, then blend it all and put away in the freezer once chilled. That will serve as basis once at home after work and tired. You can add curry powder or meat or even fish. Creativity will kick in, according to what you fancy on the day. And on the weekend, you decide what you best fancy or maybe another member of the family can cook.

A little bit of beforehand thought & organization can save your health in the long run. 

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