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Is your child/teenager having uncontrollable emotions?

There is no doubt that in stressful times everyone may experience distressing emotions but i found that something even more distressing is seeing your own child/teenager experiencing really "down under" feelings with no way up.

You probably heard many saying - including gps - that its natural, its hormonal and no need to get worried as kids are extremely resilient and soon or later will be better, or even worse labelling them almost immediately depressed prescribing pills.

Let me tell you that when children feels in a certain way, no matter the age, where there is distress, we need to act swiftly. Causes for temporary blues can be hormonal but when its a constant down under moods, that my friend is alarming and by all means investigation is a must.

What concern your young one? What if your young one have also anger, frustration, feelings of helplessness hopelessness, for a little thing he/she gets tearful and terrible sad with insomnia or bad sleep?

In the homeopathic world, we do know well that are all symptoms that comes under one roof, perfectly curable in few weeks with a remedy that cost around £4. Incredible, isn't it?

But, some people may object, if it's something so curable, why my gp did not tell me?

The answer is because the gp is been trained to suppress the symptoms giving chemicals instead of curing  the symptoms from the core issue, erasing the problem revealing the real personality of your child. Homeopathic remedies do just that, they do get rid of the problem from the core issue, eradicating the symptoms one by one.

So, in the homeopathic world for symptoms like :

sadness, anger, frustration, irritability, hopelessness, and tearful, oversensitive, fear of people, social phobia we would prescribe nat.mur., argentum nitricum for instance and ambra, all natural elements that gives no addiction and it's perfectly safe for anyone at any age.


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