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Korma Sauce - REVIEW

If you like me, love an authentic traditional korma sauce now and then and you are on the look out about the best chicken korma,and you are alert about the best korma ingredients, here's my review about the best korma sauce:

Kashmiri Korma Sauce by DINE IN Atkins and Potts, 350g & Spicy Korma Sauce by Anila's, 300g.

I opened the Kashmiri Korma Sauce first and I have to say that the smell was absolutely divine, to the point that other members of my family came to me to smell it too.

We added some long grain white rice to it and some chicken. Well, what does this chicken korma taste like?

The first thing that you taste is the sweetness of the tomato and the pineapple and it's really refreshing. Then, when you swallow, you can finally taste all the lovely spices as it goes down your throat - in a positive way - and it leaves you with the chilli heat sensation in the throat - again, in a positive way -. If you drink a bit of water to reduce the heat, the chilli settles down for about 5 seconds and then it comes back again.

Full of flavour and not too sweet, just the perfect amount with a hint of chilli. The pineapple really brings it out! and it's very creamy and smooth. It'll taste great with both meat, like chicken, and fish or seafood. Sugars ( for a 100g ) is a 12.6g.

I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. Well deserved! It feeds a family of 4 comfortably.

kashmiri korma sauce by DINE IN Atkins and Potts and Spicy Korma Sauce by Anila's

Anila's spicy korma sauce, its concentrated and you need way less.

First, you get all the aroma bursting in your mouth, then you get all the single flavours of all the spices - one- by- one, the spiciness and the tomato. Hot, satisfying and way less creamy than the kashmiri korma sauce of dine in atkins and potts, but still smooth and intense. HOT!

Taste superb with basmati white rice, but I would love this also on a humble sarnie. You can taste the ginger, the fennel, the coconut cream. Sugars ( for a 100g ) is only 3.5g making it a fantastic sauce/curry for diabetics too!

Anila also gives you a website where you can check some yummy ideas and recipes to do with this sauce/curry.

I would give it a 5 out of 5. Again, well deserved! Being concentrated you have enough for 4 people with intense flavour and spice experience. In my humble opinion this is the perfect chicken korma sauce you can find.

But someone may want to know what does korma mean? Korma is a mildly spiced indian curry of meat or fish marinated in yogurt or curd. 

Is chicken korma healthy? Yes, as long as you have fresh natural ingredients of organic produce.

Is there only mild chicken korma? No, you can add as much spice as you desire.

What are the chicken korma sauce ingredients? Every brand have their unique mix of spices that makes their korma paste stand out from the rest. Generally speaking it's all about spices like chilli, coriander, turmeric, mixed with coconut milk or cream or both and even yogurt.

There you have it, my honest review on these two korma curries.

...when are you going to have your next curry night?



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