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Memory Loss or Lapse?

It is noticeable how many suffers from memory problems, even in their 20s; it's not just once in awhile which it can be quite normal since all of us leads very busy life with many commitments and forgetting one appointment is not a sign of memory impairment. It's a quiet pandemic that leads to stress and worry and it seems that signs of a weak memory is almost at any age, nowadays.

There are important causes for this sudden memory loss and they should not be taken lightly. Let's consider each and one of them.

- WATER - Many drink much too little water preferring to drink anything else instead, from fizzy drinks to caffeine pumped drinks to coke or anything loaded with sugar alternatives thinking to be kinder to their health.

No. The body (and brain) to function properly needs filtered water because water is the ONLY BEVERAGE that cleans the body of all the natural waste, including bodily toxins created in the digestive tract by food digested too slow (food combination can slow down or accelerate digestion, for instance, pasta with meat slow down the digestion by hours with the consequence of food getting rotten creating toxins that end up into bloodstream)

Not drinking enough water creates a build up of toxins and too many health issues, including tiredness, irritability, indigestions, memory loss, kidney failure, arrhythmia and even death.

Ditch the soft drink and drink 2 litres of filtered water, daily. That's the first step.

SEVERE LACK OF NUTRIENTS - Many prefer to eat a quick sandwich from the bar at lunch time or a takeaway at night. Surely it tastes nice but this too can lead to memory loss and even depression because the nutrients in these kind of fast foods are not near enough your daily needs.

Busier you are, more nutrients you burn and they must be replaced by your daily food intake at breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a couple of snacks per day and even so it may not be enough. You need to maximise your food quality, meaning instead of buying takeaways, you should consider to buy organic foods that taste wonderful and gives you much more vitamins and minerals. Prefer vegetables of any colour (you get different minerals per each colour vegetable) and salads with tomatoes, avocados, peppers and anything in the middle. On top of that, get some good supplements. (check that the supplements have no sugar and sweeteners)

Eat well, to feel well. This is the second step.

memory loss or lapse

ZINC 15/20 PPM - A lack of zinc in our system due to poor diet is linked to troubles with memory. Get zinc between 15 to 20 PPM (which is the most natural and highly absorbable kind of zinc you can find on the planet) and is advised to get 10 DROPS daily (with a touch of filtered water) for at least 3 months. Zinc alone is considered often all that is needed for memory loss treatmentThis is the third step.

A cause of memory loss can be also anxiety and depression. These two emotional issues stress heavily the nervous system damaging the memory. It's usually temporary but is not to underestimate. It's important to find a remedy for anxiety, perhaps RESCUE REMEDY, taken regularly every hour with some water or every 20 minutes if is needed until the anxiety fade away. RESCUE REMEDY reassures and comfort and it can be taken in conjunction with other treatment too.

A good psychologist can do so much goodness for anxiety/depression sufferers. 

A good Homeopath can prescribe natural but effective remedies to heal anxiety, depression and even a trauma. CHECK HERE. Memory lapses are not to underestimate either if it happens often!

CHLORIDE & FLUORIDE in water -  It has been reported that constantly drinking water with high levels of chloride and fluoride leads to memory loss and difficulty in processing information, slowness in talking and explaining concept. If that is you, there is no confirmed treatment for that by the BIG PHARMA, but having a good tablespoon of TAMARIND PASTE in a glass of warm water every night before going to bed, is extremely effective to unclog the brain cells from these two substances. You will regain your memory within 3 months of constant use.

Of course, you should never underestimate a problem with your memory and all advices given in here don't replace a good check with your doctor. 

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