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Migraine: Causes, Symptoms and Quick Remedies

Everyone experience migraine at least once in a lifetime, including children.

Stress, dehydration,  exhaustion, sensitivity to light and foods, medication and skipping a meal are just a few causes that triggers migraine from mild to severe. In modern era where the computer has become an essential item for most people spending, according to a survey, up to 1700 hours per year in front of a computer (without counting daily time spent on any other device) it's not rare to end up having a bad headache as the eyes strain immensely, in fact with all the advancement in technological world I am surprised that no one has created yet special glasses to use specifically for the computer, and should be available at a low cost to everyone, especially children and office workers and fanatic gamers. 

Stress perhaps remain one of the leading causes of headaches, including rushing, skipping a meal, nervousness and even anger are all causes under the same roof.

Fair enough we understand that we need to slow down, take time for ourselves, including time to eat a proper meal but life at times is not merciful and again we see ourselves rushing and getting overwhelmed. Tensions, fear for the future and emotional distress too are all part of life but that too causes headaches.

tissue salts for health benefit remedy for headaches and migraines

What quick yet healthy remedies are there to relieve a headache?

Here some simple yet very effective remedies for you to consider for yourself but also for your children: 

You may want to keep handy a specific tissue salt and suck on 2 tablets whenever needed. Tissue Salts are sold in small tubes and as they are essential nutrients and completely safe and natural to take, you can be certain that they won't mess about with any medication you take. If the headache is really strong suck 2 tablets every 2 hours or just have up to 10 tablets in a mug filled with hot water, allow the tablets to melt (DO NOT stir with metal spoon but other materials are allowed) and then drink sitting down quietly.

Tissue salts  also called cells salts can be bought in many health online shops ( www.homeoforce.co.uk for instance) at a low cost. 

Tissue Salt n.6 Kal. Phos.

Indicated for: NERVOUS TENSION, a real quick-pick-me-up! cell salt balancing nerves and mental/physical fatigue or stress due to worries or even excitement.

Great also for moments of depression or a nervous headache, memory weakness as its a nerve nutrient.

Tissue Salt n.7 Kal. Sulf.

Indicated more for a GENERAL headache or for an headache cause by hangover.

Tissue Salt n.2 Calc. Phos.

Indicated for headache due to bad digestion.

Tissue Salt n.4 & 5 Ferr. Phos & Kal. Mur.

Indicated for headaches due to bad sinus, cold & flu, congestion and catarrh. Bronchitis and even asthma relief.

Tissue Salt n.8 Mag.Phos.

Indicated for migraine, nervousness and hot flushes, trapped wind, heartburn and dyspepsia flatulence, panic attacks, or even period pains.

These are just a few combination or remedies for headaches. Tissue salts or cell salts are a great way to ease off health troubles, and in time, heals the issue in a natural, gentle way without causing drowsiness or side effects. Many discovered the health benefits of the tissue salts while searching for a more delicate way to bring immediate comfort and immediate relief without relying on chemical drugs.

Hopefully in the future there will be more people wishing to learn a more sustainable manner to help themselves, it will only be beneficial.

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