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Peanut Free Snacks

More and more the community of allergic peeps is getting bigger by the minutes and even though I feel for adults having allergies I actually feel even more sorry when it is a child that is in trouble.

Children live their childhood dotted of allergic reactions events, making them feel sorry for themselves, different and isolated leaving them scarred by their overreacting immune system to peanuts or else..... :(

I have long for ages to find products that my own daughter - and myself actually - could have freely binged on while watching telly with no reaction attached and I am pleased that now the market have finally open up to the point that you can actually choose well enough what you fancy to eat.

While creating Familydeli I intended to stock only on Healthy Food specific for people with allergies & intolerances, so it is up to this day!

Peanut free food is available as nut free, gluten free and so on :) from Nutcessity - great peanut free spreads - to more consistent snacks, and dinners ideas and meal kits.

I know how hard can be to find satisfying food to suggest to our beloved fussy eaters but it's a mum's job to find it, so here I am talking to all mums in uk...I feel for you but it's not all lost. There are in fact websites who care to stock products not just for money.

I was there, exactly where you are now and i checked every single ingredient on the packages before actually buying it - I do recommend to ALWAYS check the labels! -so, all my effort is now equally engaged in providing meals and foods in general - and why not treats and goodies - that can make your life easier and your kiddo happier.

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