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Our Biome and beyond

In the previous blog I was talking about a new allergy shot that reset your system and cure forever your allergies (new discovery) Let's see how it works.

First of all. Where do you think our command centre is, the very core of our mental & physical health? Is it the brain? Is it the heart? Maybe both?

It's the intestine! The intestine is our commander. If we don't feel well (both physically, mentally,emotionally and psychologically) it means that the intestine is out of balance. But what exactly is out of balance?

The biome. There are many types of different  biomes. The biome is a community. In our case we talk about the intestinal biome. We need perfect conditions for our community made up of living organisms to thrive and give us great health. As per health, i do mean absence of illness.

The metabolism is controlled by the biome. A great shape body means that the community, the biome, is balanced and can take all the nutrients needed to maintain great health to the system (every organ does its job correctly, the immune system is alert and vigilant, blood circulation is free from pollutants of any kind, cells are clean and functional, brain function as it should, digestive tract is in great condition and so on...)

But isn't this the way we were once babies? yes, unless a child is born with biome disorders - and there are many, I agree - 

So, let's talk about it for a minute and let's see what exactly gave us vibrant health as babies: when we were babies we could not eat everything, and rightly so as our digestive tract did not have yet the ability to support food. The body needed to create all the enzymes in order to correctly digest solid food. But not only, because the body is a wonderful yet complicated machine that needs multiple parts to come together, we need all the components to work together in harmony to provide health to our body (health is our very blueprint, meaning the body search for ways to maintain health)

To recap: we saw that a good biome is essential to health (and life), we saw that the biome controls our metabolism and that we were babies we had all this already.

vibrant boy

How did we lose our balance? what made our biome go out of balance?

Food. The wrong one. Here the food list that made us sick.

Lactose, milk and derivatives, some types of cereals, sugars and all its derivatives, cure meats and sausages, alcohol and coffee abuse and some nightshade plants.

How many times have we seen adverts telling us to eat cheese because it contains vitamin b? Too many times right? In fact your very GP told you to eat cheese. What about sugar? Sugar is everywhere, even in the bread! Cereal... and so on.

People search for such foods everyday and it's in the very culture, it will take time to adjust this culture of wrong foods but being aware and limiting these foods can only do you good.

To be continued in the next blog...

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