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PROJECT39 l Peterborough

So many during Covid-19's peak felt scared and confused as the future felt uncertain. The news was and is still scary to hear as more deaths have been reported. This clima of tension and desperation sunk many hearts around the globe and locally many difficulties started to arise as people started to lose their jobs.

Yoko, a japanese girl living in Peterborough, Founder and CEO of Peterborough Accommodation Provider decided to create something positive. Project39.

The Purpose of Project 39

1. To spread THANK YOUs instead of covid – bring a bit of positivity to the country during this challenging time.

2. Every time a video is uploaded, it makes some people feel happy, positive and appreciated.

3. Leave thanks to my own friends and family who mean a lot to my life. 

never take your family and friend for granted

So, I have been asked to be part of this project and I am delighted to be one of these 39 people to upload a "thank-you-video" to make people in my life feel appreciated for all that they do to support me as a mother, wife and business owner. How healthy it is to remember the people that truly count in our life and never take them for granted. Covid , I think, taught us that...

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