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Signs of a Weak Stomach

In the previous post we saw what can be done to increase the stomach ability to break down food and digest in an optimal way, that in turn provides nourishment for our body & brain especially if the food ingested is organic.

Now, the question is how to recognise a weak stomach? 

A weak stomach may be still able to initiate the digestion process, while finding hard to continue it or it may be able to continue the digestion process but very slow. We may be in the deep digestion process for what we eat at lunch, when it's time to have dinner.

Food accumulates in the stomach, giving us all the symptoms of a really bad indigestion with consequences of food becoming rotten in the digestive tract with building up of toxins that will disturb the intestines giving a sense of bloatedness with fetid gas. But that's only the beginning of our problems, as the toxins will pollute the bloodstream and that will pollute every single organ in the body with catastrophic consequences for our health.

Yes, if you want a strong digestive system you need to pay attention of what you eat, including at snack time. The food eaten will give you strong stomach - and strong health - or a weak stomach - with a weak health -

Here the signs of a weak digestive system:

  • stomach cramps, that may appear out of nowhere and continue for some time
  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • acid reflux, very unpleasant
  • constipation, from occasional to severe
  • diarrhea, from occasional to severe. This must be addressed immediately as it may lead to dehydration leading to momentarily heart troubles
  • infections, you may not even realise it as it may be of secondary level meaning not that big, but a constant small infection depletes the immune system, one of the very system that keeps you alive.
  • undigested food in stool, per se` may not sound a problem but this is the first thing you see if you have weak digestive system.

You may have realised that eating is a serious business :) and yes, it is. It's not just about eating something you love, but it's also eating what is right and in a way that pleases your stomach. Rushed lunch ( and yes, i do also mean in schools, colleges and so on) it's the worse thing you could do for yourself. We start at school time to be rushed for one reason or the other and unfortunately this horrible habit carries on later on in life. Breaking this cycle is the very first thing you must do.

Eat slowly, enjoy the food, take your time, a meal-time should range between 30 to 45 minutes. Eat salads, plenty of that and of many different leaves. Wash the salad thoroughly, even if it's organic. Do not drink during lunch, drink only 1.5 hour after you finished eating, and ONLY plain water, no fizzy drinks, no sugary stuff as sugar disturbs the digestion a lot.

Eat vegetables in all your meals, and plenty of it. Drink home made vegetable and fruit juices with some water as this will help to break down the juice in the weak stomach. Lessen the water amount and increase the pure juices when you feel your stomach can take it. It's a continuous effort but you will get there, by all means.

So, doing you will get vibrant health, strong digestion, regular bowels movement and much much leaner body, better skin and better vitality. What is there to lose?

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