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Stop Smoking - Methods & Tips

Stop smoking can be difficult but with some mental preparation, the right method and a few tips to carry on and also to maintain yourself cigarette-free you can succeed as millions did!

Here a review of what is available in UK.


* NORDIC SPIRIT (www.nordicspirit.co.uk) - Nordic Spirit Nicotine comes in Pouches and are completely tobacco free, smoke free and vape free which means you can enjoy a fresh nicotine experience that lasts up to an hour. Use it anytime, anywhere.

How does it work? Pop one of the soft, white nicotine pouches under your top or bottom lip. Position the pouch to the side of your lip for a more comfortable fit. You may feel a tingling sensation but will soon fade away. It comes in 2 different strength to help you manage your cravings at the beginning, and then you can get the lower strength until you can manage be without nicotine at all or pass to another method until you are off  urge to smoke. The 20 pouches per pack comes even in many different flavour and its completely recyclable and you also have a 10% discount but before considering buying you may want to get a free sample.

What people say? Some would swear that this is the best way to stop smoking and consider it a good method among the stop smoking aids, some others are not so sure.

CBQ Method - (website here) This method has helped thousands of smokers quit easily and permanently without feeling anxious or deprived, so if you smoke because you feel stressed, anxious or even in panic, this method apparently will make you stop smoking because will heal the core issue behind it all. 

They also have a detox plan and a craving crusher plan, but you need to pay for all of these plans, so it may not be your easy way to stop smoking, yet some may consider this unique approach that is why I included it.

If you don't want to pay that much but still interested in some interesting quit smoking products, here some other ways to quit smoking:

NHS stop smoking service -  At your first session you will see the many ways they implement to help you quit. You will chose the one best for you. You will also get an adviser and many went through an entire month without smoking a single cigarette. Your GP will refer you and it's said that better equip you up to 4 times to stop smoking. You will receive also hint & tips on how to cope if an urge of smoking will come up.

running lower the need of smoking

NLP - Nlp observe the behaviour of the person attached to a specific issue (phobia, cravings, fears and anxiety triggers) and then uses the person model of behaviour to erase the issue. It can change people's behaviour for good and its accredited in many countries as the solution to people's behaviours. There are many positive and life changing experiences all over the countries. Could this be the one for you?

Find your nlp therapist HERE.

Tips to stop smoking: apparently being able to relax is extremely important, so you may want to consider some relaxation techniques that suits you best. Many stopped smoking altogether when they learned to finally relax.

Fruit juices: for some reason drinking fruit juices helps to lower the desire of smoking. If you want the best health improvement, while quitting smoking, get organic fruit as you will get a much higher amount of vitamins and minerals but without pesticides and other nasty chemicals. That alone will clean your system deeply which is the solution to your cravings. 

Sport: moving will help you lower your desire for a cigarette and will lower the natural stress coming from stopping smoking. You don't need to join a gym, simply running can be the answer. Ask someone, a friend to support you in this by running along with you every day. Knowing that someone cares for you to succeed can be quite the encouragement needed.

Maybe just understanding the immense health benefits of stopping smoking will trigger enough power in you to be resilient and bounce back every time you fancy a cigarette, and that is what we are going to talk about in the next blog.



*After talking to Nordic Spirit, they would like to confirm that their products are not principally for stop smoking. Still,because is possible to lower the amount of daily need of nicotine on the first stage when attempting quitting smoking I felt it was opportune to insert this company within the resources available.

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