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STRESS - Why & What can you do

Stress, everybody knows this word  and everybody suffers it from time to time from children to elderly, from the professional down to the general worker. For someone stress is a life's companion. But what exactly is stress?

Stress is a state of mental, physical and emotional strain resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances, is the "weight" that we cannot easily sustain. If stressors continues for long enough, we feel the impact on mental level escalating to physical level with various symptoms that if not properly managed can become chronic with disastrous consequences. Yes, stress is everywhere and it needs to be managed properly in order to get stronger even though under stress.

But how can we do this? How is it possible to become stronger while under stress?

Here a list of suggestions:

 Understand your stressors - or in few words WHY do you feel stressed? 

- At times the answer can be found in a physical stressor like allergies. Allergies are very common unfortunately but often overlooked. Ear itching, itching skin, itching anus or nostrils are all indication that the immune system is under attack for an underlay allergy - something you are eating or drinking is beating up your immune system. Find it, get rid of it and substitute it.

After that, you still need to repair your immune system. Just because you got rid of the immune system attacker (a particular food/drink/ingredient) it does not mean that automatically your immune system will get well! There are many things that can be and should be done. Time Release Vitamin C and Tabebuia are only some examples that are very effective in healing allergies & the immune system. Life is too demanding to wait for the immune system to get well by itself. If your doctor told you "you'll be alright" get out and head for a better one! He understood nothing about life!

- Are you living under stressful family life? Get help. There are many ways in which you can ask and obtain help. From  help lines of various charities and organizations to occupational therapist -psychologist, life coach or nhs groups- to your closest friends with a sympathetic ear. Don't keep it inside, share it and look actively for a solution.

Stress from current pandemic. Latest news, deaths counting, Covid variants, the urge of the next vax or boost is stressful, there is no doubts about that. Job losses, bills to pay and so on...stirs up stress and upset.

So, when the situation is high demand endurance, and you have done reasonably all you can to put it right and stress still is running high, consider to be helped by external sources. 

- Herbal, homeopathic, tissues salts are all remedies that worked well for millions of people. Don't be fooled by skeptical people that know little or are just plain ignorant about the subject. 1) Herbal = are herbs that do have an impact on physical level perhaps if stress constrain your digestion or gives you tension headache  and herbs do relax but may not be strong enough if you are overly stressed.

In that case 2) homeopathy helps soothing the mind and control physical damage made by stress. 3) Tissues salts gives you an instant relief from stress and you can resolve health issues in a matter of few weeks, even few days if you are constant. Tissues salts are vital, essential minerals that make the difference between "can't cope" with "im ok" even though your stressors are still present. You will get a clear "next step" state of mind, a more resilient attitude because "what you needed, is now present". 

Let's be clear about something : We all lack some minerals FULL STOP, who less, who more, simply because soil lost the capacity to bear the right amount of all the nutrients we need. When man put its hand into nature for the benefit of human race, both suffer. And in specific demanding conditions the lack of specific nutrients, becomes apparent. Instead of taking medicines to suppress the symptoms, cure them by filling up of the nutrients you need.

Stress damages kidneys, stomach and liver and it triggers DNA damage so your attention is needed. Building up of toxins is another stressors that leads to physical damage, something that more and more people are aware of. Detox properly (none of the nonsense coming from the commercial world please!!) and a proper remedy that is right for your case can lifts you up and gives you what you need to cope and resolve the damage.

If you find this post interesting and wish to receive more information or advice from our in-house homeopath get in touch by contacting Familydeli ( via chatbox or support@familydeli.co.uk)

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