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The Power of Fermented Food + Q&A

With the increasing popularity of fermented vegetables and fruit, many have unanswered questions & curiosities, so here's a blog post that I hope will help clarify some common mistakes and opinions.

Are fermented vegetables really healthy or is it just a social phase?

It may be a social phase, but not only fermented foods are healthy but it's a good habit to eat fermented food in order to stay healthy for a long time to come. Here is why.

All fermented foods are highly rich in probiotic bacteria - probiotic bacteria are live organisms that need a proper ecosystem in order to thrive. When gut bacteria thrives inside our digestive system, our health is at its peak - eating food that contains probiotics and promotes good bacteria and enzymes for your digestive system will benefit greatly for your immune system, the core of your health and wellbeing.

Specialists recommend eating between two-to-three portions of fermented food everyday for adults, children and elderly. If you have never eaten fermented food before, you may have an interesting after-effect just 2 to 3 hours of eating it, in fact you may end up visiting "effectively" the toilet for that day - with no tummy ache or cramps - but be assured that it's not a side effect and that it doesn't mean you should stop eating fermented food. Not at all! In fact that only means that its working inside of you and soon will reap all the benefits of the fermented food including beautiful skin and lots of physical strength.

Fermented food has a tangy taste and in my point of view, it can be quite addictive. It goes well with a rustic meal or with just some boiled white rice seasoned with coconut oil, some fish or chicken. Fantastic with grilled sausages or meat in general.


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Q: Is fermented vegetables the same as pickled vegetables?

A:In short, no they are not the same at all. Here is why. The fermented vegetables are being produced by a specific preparation process of the vegetables that produces fermentation and that is incredibly healthy to your gut, the very area where the immune system resides, that is why you get several health benefits. Instead pickled vegetables or eggs have been dipped into an acidic brine to get the tangy flavour, but no health benefit will follow as there is no fermentation at all.

Q: Is it hard to ferment vegetables?

A:Not at all, actually many feels that its quite therapeutic as its process induce relaxation. Fancy the recipe? Me and my daughter always ferment vegetables using this original recipe coming from a grandmother in korea, so if you fancy to give it a go you know this recipe is a pretty good one. Check it Here.

Q: Where can I buy fermented food?

A:Because fermented food is growing in popularity many small businesses and artisans have mastered the art of fermentation and selling their produce to the public, online. I am sure you will find many online - especially in London - ready to deliver to you their precious batch but be aware it may be expensive so perhaps learning to ferment your own veggies may be a better solution.

So, have fun making fermented veggies and reap all the health benefits for years to come. :) 

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