The Power of Fermented Foods

With the increasing popularity of k-pop bands many got to get curious about korean culture and techniques to ferment food or cultured veggies.

It's possible to ferment any food at all in fact, from eggs to vegetables and fruits and with added herbs and spices can become a real treat. I had no idea though that fermented food it's just food that have been pickled. In England the ingredients to pickle - or ferment - food are pretty common [ malted vinegar, sugar & herbs ] in korea for instance ingredients are more complexed and it takes generally a good week minimum to consider the food as fermented.

What are fermented vegetables, and where can you get fermented vegetables? Is fermented food healthy, let's say for the entire family including pregnant women, elderly and people with allergies?

When I researched for that I was glad to learn that not only fermented food or pickled food is healthy but it's a must if we all want to keep healthy for long time to come. Here is why.

All fermented food - or pickled - are highly rich in probiotic bacteria - probiotic bacteria are live bacteria that needs certain ecosystem in order to thrive on. When live bacteria thrives our health is at optimal levels - eating food that contains probiotics add good bacteria and enzymes to your digestive system that in turn will benefit greatly your immune system, the core of your health status. 

Specialist recommend eating every day between two-to-three portion of fermented food every day for adults, children, elderly and so on. Be careful though because if you are a beginner, a novice, you may end up visiting the toilet too often [if you do it means its working :) ] but be assured that it's just a temporary side effect and soon you will reap all the benefits of the fermented food including beautiful skin and lots of strength and it goes quite well with a rustic meal or rustic food if you are having a party or just pushed for time and putting together a quick meal at the end of the day.

Pleased to know.

Can you get any local fermented food? What types of fermented vegetables can you find? Where to buy fermented vegetables and have it delivered in uk?

Yes, you can get local fermented food and vegetables. As long as its pickled - pickled & fermented is the same - you can get hold of anything you may like in your local supermarket [ Sainsbury, Morrison, Waitrose, Tesco ] but depending from where you are located you may not find fermented food for gut health, so you can find fermented foods online HERE  or HERE too. 

You can also ferment veggies at home, it's simple and fun and you can ferment any vegetables at all you may like! Here is HOW to ferment veggies at home.where you will see a step-by-step tutorial.

So have fun and enjoy all the benefit of fermented veggies!



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