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Vegan. Why?

What is vegan? Is it bad to be vegan? Can a vegan diet be unhealthy? What's the difference between vegan and vegetarian? What is the difference between vegetarianism and veganism? vegan....vegetarian....flexitarian...pescatarian....

Health is by far the most important thing. No one wants to become unhealthy or get ill easier. In this era, health is the word on everyone's lips. Everyone wants to eat healthy food and have physical activity, people also think of the environmental health. 

In this era of health awareness and concern for animal welfare, many become vegan to stop the slaughtering of animals for meat. But here's the news:

An adult ( 17 years of age onward ) need 60g of proteins, at least. If an adult also does physical activity, the daily need increases significantly.

The body needs a staggering amount of different kind of proteins in order to remain healthy and for the body's system to function. In our body there is 20,000 types of proteins. Some biologists believe the number is 4 times more. Half of the proteins, we make them, but the rest we need to take them through our diet.

Proteins have many different roles and tasks in our body, so not having enough different types of proteins will make a vegan person very ill, shortening their life.

vegan young man sitting down

What's the meaning behind being vegan? Being vegan means avoiding food that contains any kind of animal source.

If a person doesn't want to eat meat (red meat or white meat) fish, eggs and dairies then it is vital and essential to constantly eat many different types of organic proteins taken via plant-based foods ( fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds) but even so, often the person lacks one or more essential amino acid. 

Proteins are built as a chain of amino acids ( amino acids are essential for life and health ) so if you lack enough proteins, those essential amino acids won't be able to couple up with the proteins which are the very structure of our own inner system.

Some are happy to have just one type of protein shake, like for instance pea protein (so common today) thinking they are ok. The truth is that they need a significant amount of diverse type of proteins. It's always best to invest weekly in organic produce as at least being organic there is a major amount of non-chemically-polluted nutrients. Also, the daily quantity of proteins must be calculated by a professional nutritionist according to the individual need and activities.

So, is veganism bad? Not necessarily, as long as all precautions have been taken. Everyone, not just vegans, must have a good variety of foods. The more varied, the better for our health! Fussy eaters, think again. Your very life span depends from what you eat.

Are vegan healthier? Not necessarily! We are not all the same, everyone's body is born different with their own peculiarity. Some people cannot genuinely eat dairies or feel indigestion when they eat red meat or feel uncomfortable if they consume eggs...it is always better to work in tandem with your system, listening to what your body is telling you than following an idea of the time.

The motto " you are what you eat" is proving true!

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