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Vitamin B - What does it do to your body?

We've all heard that Vitamin B is an essential part of our health but you may be surprised to know exactly what all the vitamin B's [8 of them] help us with. So here's a blog post dedicated to just that.

 Vitamin B1 - energy yielding, nervous & psychological functions, heart health

 Vitamin B2 - energy yielding, nervous system, skin & mucous membranes

 Vitamin B3 - energy yielding, nervous & psychological functions, mucous membranes, skin health, reduction of tiredness and fatigue

 Vitamin B5 - energy yielding, mental performance, metabolism & synthesis of steroid hormones, reduction of tiredness & fatigue

 Vitamin B6 - energy yielding, nervous & psychological function, regulation of hormones activity, formation of healthy red blood cells, essential metabolism of both protein & glycogen, synthesis of homocysteine which is essential to many enzyme 

 Vitamin B12 - energy yielding, nervous & psychological function,formation of healthy red blood cells, synthesis of homocysteine which is essential to many enzyme, essential to immune system, reduction of tiredness & fatigue and important of the healthy division of cells

As you can see, the complex of Vitamin B is very important, so eating healthily is extremely important for becoming and remaining healthy. On top of that there are other benefits in eating healthily like receiving a daily intake of many other nutrients like vitamin C, Omega 3, 6, 9 or proteins, fatty acids, and so much more that will make you stronger at every bite.

Eating healthily will also help you in managing your weight and stress level and it's more likely that you will sleep better as eating at a regular time will help your digestion as well. On top of that, it's important to drink about 2 litres of water as many have all the signs of dehydration but suppress them with tablets for headache, fatigue or nausea.  

Yes, eating healthily and drink water is the basic for maintaining good health!

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