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Vitamin C - How much to take & When its too much

If you, like me, are a Vitamin C worshiper, you know well by now all the benefits for the entire family. Protection from external invaders - bugs, viruses - are just the commonly known health benefits but did you know that Vitamin C is fantastic as a heart tonic, gums and teeth strengthener and supports your energy & stamina?

Some people may not believe this as, they say, "I took Vitamin C for months and had not very well coverage from flu and cold" - I believe that! In fact out there there is so many commercial products claiming to be Vitamin C but in reality the percentage is so minimal that after months the health benefits are still nowhere to be seen. When I see those products I get really annoyed, no shops or health shops that claim to be serious enough should never sell that crap!

So, the question is "Which Vitamin C is a great Vitamin C to trust the claim to be beneficial for me & my family?" 

The Vitamin C that you should trust is the Time Release. Time Release means that you have a 24 hours coverage, that's the one for you. 

I saw in my life people sick with many health issues being recommended to get any Vitamin C, as long as its Vitamin C you are ok and that was from the mouth of professionals. I slapped my hand on my forehead when I heard that! The Time Release will give you total protection, while the rest will give you a great start making you feel perhaps vital and strong at first to leave you empty and tired right in the middle of the morning or first few hours of the afternoon. Isn't that exactly when you most need it?

Also, let's talk about percentages. A tablet or sachet or granules - whatever it is the form - that claim to be Vitamin C should have JUST that in it! No sugar, no sucralose, no rubbish, no colours to make it look nice! In few words you need a Premium products that fills you with Vitamin C protecting you for a whole day!

"How much is to much?" I have been asked this question a lot.

In time of need, meaning when there is necessity like from September to January I recommend to take 2,000 mg of Vitamin C everyday  - adult dose - because the invaders out there are many and continuous growing.  Covid 19, variants, bugs, and God knows what else deplete our resources big time. Stress as well does a lot to bring us down, in fact stress burns our resources of Vitamin C. Its the first thing that goes!

After January, I would check how i feel. If my energy & strength is in good condition and I have no signs of cold i would stop to take Vitamin C. 

Many takes antibiotics when they start with a sore throat...why? Antibiotics change the PH of the intestine and trust me that's never a good thing. Every organ has its unique PH and that's needed in order for each organ to function well. When the PH of the intestine changes, gets acid, the live bacteria can't work properly and the immune system can't function  either = illness is at the door, including cancer.

If there is sore throat, the immune system needs help to kill the bacteria. Pick up a Vitamin C of at least 1000 mg  - Time Release - and keep taking it for as long as the sore throat lasts. The same when you don't feel well with generalised  pains and aches, tired and in need to sleep.

The Vitamin C is an immune system helper so when your immune system is clearly in need of a hand, you know you need to reach out for Vitamin C at least 1000 mg.

Obviously, do not take high doses every day for a whole year, unless there is a real need like in the case of cancer to support the immune system or given by a professional. You should take it as prevention between September to January - at least - and your children between 11 up to 16 years old should take at least one tablet of 1000 mg, daily. 

mother and child playing together

There are many good brands out there and they can serve you well with a Premium Time Release Vitamin C. They truly do a good job. Health is such an important thing and looking after each other should be truly a duty especially when many of us have children to nurture & love. I wish you to be always well with plenty of love by your side.

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