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We stand for Clear Product Information

I felt very sorry while reading a review of a lady regarding a product bought in a very well known online shop. She wrote that she bought some crackers and gave them to her daughter to eat and she got a bad allergic reaction.Now, her daughter is very allergic to corn but she could not see "may contain corn" both on the package or on the website, were she bought the product from.

Would you trust a website that does not even tell you if there is any possible cross contamination with other substances? 

There are too many people having serious allergies out there. Ad that is what FAMILYDELi  stand for. We contact all our brands asking them to give us specific information about products they produce, because we have allergies ourselves and we understand the need to know before purchasing grocery online.

online information and clarity

You may not believe this but there is a lot of lazy online shop owner who cannot be bothered to put down enough information, in fact at times they cannot even be bothered to put down the ingredients. They ask you to contact them if you need the ingredients list! 

Do you feel reassured about that? :(

It should be a mission to serve people, regardless in what field, especially if your customers have allergies that could harm them for days or weeks!

At FAMILYDELi, we are reviewing all our products (a mammoth task since we have about a thousand!) but its a must because we want to serve our customers the best we can.

So, expect all the info you need before deciding to buy grocery.

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