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What are tissue salts & how to use them

Organic foods and herbs plays a vital role in our health, relieving stress, fear panic and various pressures of life that are a real threat to our emotional and physical health. In fact stress is been said to be a silent killer. Fear damage the kidneys, heart, stomach and brings confusing thoughts and actions.

Together with tissues salts, super foods are essentials and we should welcome them into our life as soon as possible. Super foods are packed full of tissue salts and extremely important for building our health in each and every organ in our body, and yes, including our mind and brain functioning.

So, what are the tissue salts? They are vital organic ingredients, the very building blocks to reverse damage and build up and maintain health.

Deficiencies of specific salts, have a far-fetching effects on everybody, young and old. Confusion, stress, anxiety, indecision, rudeness, aggressivity, rage, even sweet cravings, tensions of any sort...and more!

There are 12 tissue salt, and millions of combination that are vital to all of us, which can ease off almost immediately any health trouble and in time make it go away.

Is your child being bullied at school? Kali Phos & Calc Fluor will give to your child a boost, ready to face school with calmness and courage, or a school test, or a school play or anything at all that greatly distresses them.

Tissue salts are a comforting companion as you and your family negotiate life's challenges and changes.

If you or your child needs reassurance, comfort and a relaxing hand be helped by the tissue salts, get in contact via the FAMILYDELi Chatbox now or send an email to support@familydeli.co.uk 

FAMILYDELi has partnered up with an Homeopath, ready to help you on your next move for a better health. Session are available now. 

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