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What does FAMILYDELi do for the environment?

So many today are worried about many things that are going on right under our noses...especially among younger people there is a real concern about the future.

What will the world be like? What's does the future hold for our children? There is no doubt that we all need to do our part in this, and especially companies as they are first in line in massive productions and pollution.

We are a small company but we are fully aware of the environmental issues and we want to do our part. We have decided to collaborate only with brands that are conscious about keeping the environment clean by providing 100% recyclable packaging.

collaboration brings solution

Collaboration makes solutions possible!

Brands that desire to work with FAMILYDELi, will have to adapt quickly to our ethos.

So far, we have over 600 products that are 100% widely recyclable, and the number is growing.


By buying your groceries from companies that care about environmental issues and are actively doing their part, you too can play a part in this. In fact, ultimately it's the consumer that makes things happen. By purchasing goods from responsible companies, you force other companies to adapt to the need of providing 100% recyclable packaging.

Another thing is to carry on recycling every empty bottle and every single tin that comes out from your kitchen. 

We hope that in the future more rules will be put in place to cut down in pollution, chemical waste and other issues so to make a cleaner environment for humans and animals, too!

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