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What food can diabetics eat freely?

It can be difficult to understand what a diabetic - child or adult - should eat especially when there are so many contradicting ideas about what should and shouldn't be eaten. I truly cannot understand why on the diabetes groups or organizations around uk, diabetics are advised to eat buckwheat or what they call "healthy grains". 

Please explain to me what are these healthy grains.......grains are grains! In fact buckwheat or brown rice increase considerably the sugar level in a matter of minutes!

Diabetics cannot deal with grains, including cereals, even the "healthiest" because their body, their system, cannot simply deal with it. Full Stop. So, for a diabetic eating grains is equal to high blood sugar anytime of the year. [Grains equal to sugar] 

Little grain will raise the sugar level a little, a lot of grain will raise the sugar level a lot. The choice is yours.

Doctor Mozzi, a famous Italian doctor & naturalist for instance explain it this way. "Keep eating what your body cannot deal with, see your blood telling you i cannot deal with it, eat what your system can deal with, see your blood telling you i can deal with it"-. and in this case you will see high blood sugar or normal blood sugar in the second case.

So, what a diabetic person should eat then?

It's clear that a diabetic person should eat only what his system allows him or her to eat.  Perhaps a diet that avoid too much of grains [ carbs ] is a better solution and how much to avoid carbs should be taken into consideration if the person in question is a child as they move a lot especially during the 2 hours PE, so maybe that morning for breakfast he may be allowed a treat.

At www.Familydeli.co.uk - you can find many foods for diabetics, including freshly baked foods.

Whatever is your idea, a treat is ok but only if eaten in the mornings as there is a full on activities of the whole day ahead to burn the sugar. Please do not eat treat every morning. Keep it for what it should be, meaning a treat, eaten once in a while. [I know pre diabetics who eats biscuits all the time and then marvel at how high is their blood sugar!]

Eating healthy for diabetics includes eating meats, fish, fruits and vegetables and plenty of fresh organic salads in all its variety. [My husband is successfully managing his diabetes with paleo, he eats anything he desires, just made with healthy Paleo recipes.] Please don't think that you need to eat bland! Enjoy the flavour fully, because even that its healthy!

Snacks are important too, so every nuts are allowed - unless a clear allergy - and homemade cakes - using paleo method - and most of all ,plenty of water. No sugary drinks! An alternative could be homemade lemonade with a hint of stevia or organic honey made with carbonated water and plenty or organic lemon juice. Yes, to beer! as long as its zero sugar, and yes, there are many about! 

Also remember that trying the sugar level is important, at least every morning.

cinnamon sticks used in cooking and in tablets for balancing sugar level in the blood

Yes, it's possible to manage diabetes [ high sugar level in the blood ] and many found relief by also integrating with cinnamon tablets - reduce blood sugar level in a natural way - 

Activity is also important, always sitting down or just pottering around won't do. A healthy lifestyle means eating well - perhaps organic - and moving enjoying yourself. You don't need to join a gym!

Just do what you like most, for instance swimming, cycling, running, brisk walk in nature, skating or roller skating, or even just simply long walks have an extremely great health benefits and yes, even just walking lower your sugar level because reduces stress, a key factor to manage your diabetes! Fancy Tai Chi?

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