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What is a healthy, balanced diet for diabetes? [Diabetes type 2]

Living with diabetes can be overwhelming for some, it's a new way of life, new habits needs to be put in place and old habits need to be ditched. Humans are creatures of habit and changes can gives a certain amount of stress and we all know that people with diabetes are more susceptible to stress. So, my first advice would be get a natural remedy that makes the shift easier so you can take life step by step within yourself. Rescue Remedy - an homoeopathic remedy - [ easily available at Morrison or a health shop like Holland & Barrett and even online ] does the trick nicely, its 100% safe, anyone can take it including children and its not addictive.

My second advice it would be to get acquainted with your new routine, which you may find that it's easier that you think. Here the new list of recommended prioritised food list:


Fresh Raw & Cooked Vegetables & Fruit = minerals, vitamins and fiber 

Healthy Proteins like pulses, beans, eggs, fish, meat & nuts

Dairies or Alternatives of such

Oil, Healthy Butters from grass-fed cows [ butter contain butyric acid, essential to keep the walls of the intestine healthy and strong, essential part of your immune system & overall health]

Low Carb Starchy Food = because is low carb you can really have a feast! Bread, Focaccia, Schiacciata, Crackers, Biscuits, Pies and more! FAMILYDELi & Our Partner have it all, from Pizzas to Bread Pies and more!

Fresh Vegetables & Fruit are a must, because it provides all the nutrients you must have in order to keep you off illnesses and vitamins and minerals deficiencies. Fruit and vegetables also provide fiber in enough quantity for your system. If you can get organic, it would be better because in the organic you also don't have all the pesticide and other disgusting things that clog and pollute the body beyond wild. 

Among raw vegetables i insert also salad. Fresh organic salad [especially eaten before your main course] clean your body deeply, so try tomatoes, cucumbers, slices of avocados, carrots, celery, lettuce [any kind], cress, parsley, raw small spinaches, bits of butternut squash...you name it! as long as its raw, then drizzle with any vinaigrette you may fancy! 

Healthy Proteins. This should never miss in your daily meals. If you prefer to buy tinned vegetables may i advise you to get organic and check inside [once bought it] that the lining inside the tin is white and NOT metal only. If its white you are protected by the damage that metal does to your body as the food will be impregnated with it.

How much eggs you should eat? Some believe they can eat as much meat and eggs as they like as "proteins - they say - is good for you", actually, not exactly. You can overdo it also when eating good things. Few portion of different vegetables-a.k.a.proteins- per meal are good but eggs  & meat is a different matter because its animal protein and eating too much of them cause your blood PH to become acid, leading you toward illness. Balance is a good thing. So how much meat and eggs we need to eat in order to remain healthy? 

1 portion of meat per week is sufficient. The rest of the protein should be nuts vegetables and fish, in fact we all should eat more fish [ at least 3 to 4 portions per week ] eggs can be eaten twice per week, assuming you eat 2 eggs each time = 4 eggs per week, especially in the morning as a good breakfast should be made of proteins too.

Dairies or Alternatives. If you like me fancy something creamy to spread but you are not a fan of cheese or can't eat dairies its ok, there are many option as vegan cheese strengthened with vitamins and more. If you lack vitamin b 12 or 6 or any of the complex I would advise you to take it as supplement .

Other ways to get Vitamin B12 in food:

Organ Meat is a food rich in many nutrients, including vitamin B12 : liver & kidneys but also clams, sardines, beef, tuna [yellowfin is less polluted from mercury], trout  & salmon [get the organic so you know better is not polluted], *fortified cereals, and eggs.

Oil, Healthy Butter = provides the amount of good fat that your body must have daily in order to be healthy and maintain health. If you are not allergic to dairies i would recommend clarify butter [ you can do this at home, no need to buy it!] at least 1 teaspoon each morning as it provides butyric acid, an essential acid that heal your intestine. A good cold pressed olive oil [ no need for extra virgin type ] provides with so much goodness in your system that i would need a book to explain it all! Raw oil and raw clarified butter is a remedy, try to use little oil for cooking and add it instead when the food is cooked, so to benefit from all the goodness in both oil or butter from grass-fed cows.


Healthy exercise. Healthy exercise means walking at comfortable pace in a healthy environment, like a meadow, a country side, in a field or anywhere with greenery. A gym, with high intensity program or body building exercises is not healthy, no matter what men's mags show or report! Again, i could write a book about this madness!

Managing Diabetes type 2 can be overwhelming but by some basic knowledge and  with a balanced diet you'll be soon getting healthier and stronger in no time! :D

For any question text me on business whatsapp 07485047288  


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