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Which Water is Good Enough to Drink? PART I

Water - an essential liquid for our life. Every living creature on Earth, big or small, needs it in large quantities every day. 

But is any water good enough to drink?

It's quite common to walk around the city and see many holding a bottled water. There's so many brands about, but which one is the best to drink?

unsafe water to drink is being bottled and shift to supermarkets

I have investigated the matter with much pleasure since I know how toxic chloride is for human health. Chloride is a negative charged ion. When the amount of this ion is limited, everything is ok. But when it is too much, it creates every kind of problems for our health. Drinking water daily that contains too much of this ion can have severe effects on our health.

When is chloride too much?

According to WHO - World Health Organisation - the amount of chloride in our water should not be over the 5 mg. This amount does not give you any health risks, yet many brands of bottled water shows a way higher amount of chloride and many other brands don't even bother to show it. I checked every single bottled water in a few well known Supermarkets sometime ago and with disgust I have found that no even one had the chloride limit allowed. Many brands of bottled water were showing way above the safety limit for human consumption.

Drinking this kind of water regularly will give you health issues, it's just a matter of time. Gastrointestinal, reproductive problems and neurological disorders.

Drinking good water is as essential as eating healthily. Make it a habit to check what you drink. That is my advice. But this matter is not over as I am still investigating.

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