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Which Water is safe Enough to Drink? Part ll


Fluoride is a natural occurring mineral present in the water; the level differs according to the area you live in. As fluoride is a mineral, for decades associated with strong teeth, I can swear many would find this natural element completely innocent and even beneficial for human consumption.

Well thought adverts to increase sales of toothpastes containing fluoride conned all of us in believing that not only fluoride is innocent but even an hero for us all! That alone, should make you weary of television ads. Ads are nothing more than commercials developed to make us spend our money. FULL STOP. We all should always research what the scientific facts say about certain topics. You may wonder why some firms are allowed to even advertise certain products as little heros when in fact may be even dangerous. Let me explain one thing first.

Quantity matters.

According to WHO (World Health Organisation) as fluoride per se` is not dangerous to our health ( as per any other minerals ) in fact they studied the matter deeply and in a certain quantity it does not harm at all and in people easy to develop cavities it could be beneficial. [ Document Fluoride.doc released by WHO " Fluoride in Drinking-Water" point 7.GUIDELINE VALUE ] HERE reports that a mere 1.5 mg per litre does not harm at all. Above that, health issues start to appear.

In fact on point 6. EFFECTS ON HUMANS the reports say "Elevated fluoride intakes can also have more serious effects on skeletal tissues. Skeletal fluorosis (with adverse changes in bone structure) may be observed when drinking-water contains 3–6 mg of fluoride per litre. Crippling skeletal fluorosis usually develops only where drinking-water contains over 10 mg of fluoride per litre" 

WHO is aware of major risks for health when people have heavy consumption of water with high amount of fluoride in it. 

high level of fluoride is considered dangerous for health according to WHO world health organisation

But why are firms are allowed to sell their harmful water then?

For one simple reason, only.

WHO cannot check every single water belonging to every single council,all over the world and its down to each and every government and council to check the amount of fluoride (and other elements) that exists in the water supplied to each one of us. But its uncomfortable and expensive.

The NHS released a document entitled " A Systematic Review of Water Fluoridation" and in the conclusion this is being reported "Given the level of interest surrounding the issue of public water fluoridation, it is surprising to find that little high quality research has been undertaken." [READ REPORT]

So, it's up to us, yes to each one of us, to research and understand the matter for the sake of our health and the health of our family. As I say "Knowledge is Power". But apparently some feels that less we know better is for everyone. 


My personal investigation on the matter is Fluoride is safe IF the level is 1.5 mg per litre. I always recommend to drink filtered water and still insist in checking the ingredients, or level, of each mineral present in the bottled water. It's a must to remain healthy.

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