About Us

Hello and Welcome to Familydeli

We are a family of 3 based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. We all have different allergies and that makes it difficult as we have different needs and to be honest it's hard to find what we can and fancy to eat by relying solely on supermarkets, since they stock what they can.

We did not think it's fair or right. We know that others would fancy more choice in food that are suitable for their needs/allergies. Also, eating the same food will provide the same vitamins and minerals but your health in order to get full benefit needs a more variety of nutrients! Supermarkets is not the right place for that! 

If you, like us, had enough in spending too much time and energy travelling between supermarkets and local store to find your next big flavour then be assured that at Familydeli we care to provide all you fancy and need under one roof - Gluten free, Organic, Dairy Free, Vegetarian & Vegan - We have products suitable for children and diabetics too & a gift section! No more trips between shops. Just relax, sit down and browse.

We add new products every day, so plenty of choice! We work with the best British Gourmet Artisans Winners of multiple prizes! We love supporting new businesses and british artisans! Our delivery  is efficient & second to none! we can deliver your grocery shop within few hours nationwide!

We hope you enjoy shopping with us! Please let us know if you have a favourite product [that you struggle to find available in supermarkets] that you want us to sell.

Happy shopping,

Annamaria & Sofia xx