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Our Mission

Familydeli was born out of the true understanding of "great food equals great health".

As the world has been shook up by the so called Corona virus and its variants, health is not to be underestimated or something to be left to elderly. Adults and children of any age of every social and background has an enemy to fight that takes hold of us if our immune system is weak enough. Only if consciously knowing what we put in our mouth, we may remain healthy or strong enough to combat illness, including virus attacks and bacteria that cause infections and diseases.

On the same time, it's equally important that at the end of a meal, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction for the food you ate. Satisfaction is part of Health and Wellbeing. I never believed for a single moment that healthy food should be tasteless, styleless and extremely boring, and I was more than glad to see that also all my professors in Medicine School emphasized this basic concept many times. Food is here to be enjoyed, full stop.  

But what if you have allergies? What if your children are picky, fussy...or you're not sure what to cook anymore? Do you fancy something new?

It's estimated that 8.5 millions people in UK eat "gluten free" and many more people are diagnosed with coeliac disease every year, and 3.9 million people live with diabetes and about 700 are newly diagnosed every day. Familydeli has been conceived with YOU in mind. Stress and eating foods that adverts want you to perceive as a healthy food choice is a contributing factor to your health deteriorating.


I am Annamaria Fasulo, born in Italy but living in UK since 1999. I have a degree in masso-physiotherapy, studied medicine in Italy and graduated in Homoeopathy. My passion is health. I BELIEVE THAT HEALTH IS A GIFT AND WE SHOULD ALL CONSCIENTIOUSLY MAINTAIN IT, without waiting for a GP to tell us what to do. Let me tell you: FOOD & STRESS are the two main things to look out for.

In my blogs you will read about how to cut down stress and what to do to keep it at bay with easy accessible solutions, and also recipes to make life easier and better.


Familydeli has been conceived with YOU in mind. Your possible allergies, stress factors, needs and desires to resolve ailments in the most natural way.

Familydeli enhances the British Economy, since we support British companies, big and small, including artisans.

We desire to CATER for the food you can & want to eat, no matter if you eat KETO/PALEO or if you are DIABETIC, COELIAC, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, VEGETARIAN, DAIRY INTOLERANT, PEANUT/NUTS FREE, EGG FREE or prefer ORGANIC that is why we are oriented in providing only the best, tasty food that helps you with your food choice, so you can remain healthy for longer, taking away from you the strain to look for your special food.

The future is bright, we can only bring you more, spoiling you for what the best UK has to offer. We aim to keep the prices in good balance whenever is possible, because we care about your budget and your lifestyle. We also endeavour to provide more hints & tips to look after your health - both physical & emotional - so subscribe if you want another slice of cake, 'cause we are all in!


We are receiving many great positive comments and reviews from the general public and V.I.Ps (KEV LAWRENCE Radio Presenter [PCR, BBC RADIO]) and we can only thank you for that. Familydeli has been featured in popular newspapers and magazines and more is to come soon.

We are the shoulder to lean on also for catering services and our delivery service is second to none! but we have more projects in mind that can only guarantee more value for our customers.