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About Us

We are a duo,  Annamaria & Sofia (a very close mother and daughter), Two women that strongly believe that food should be better understood, with clear informations that enables anyone to be able to purchase what is needed especially when the customer suffers from a difficult condition like allergies or diabetes or simply for those who prefer to eat differently.

Both me, Annamaria, and my daughter Sofia have allergies too and have been struggling to find food that is more appetising, as in every supermarket the food is basically all the same!

If you like variety, regardless of allergies or dietary lifestyle, we can definitely understand you!

Did you know that eating a variety of food gives you a variety of nutrients and in the long run gives you better health and energy? Variety is king and we are certainly putting it on a well deserved driving seat!

Both me and my daughter are working our socks off because we believe that anyone wanting to buy food have all the rights to get as many informations as possible before deciding to buy.

We also love to support the British Economy by supporting british artisans and we strive for a cleaner environment by trying to stock as many recyclable products as possible.

Join us for an easier shopping experience and for a cleaner environment!


Annamaria & Sofia

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Annamaria Fasulo studied Medicine and is an accredited Metamorphic Message Practitioner (M.M.P.) an NLP Practitioner, an accredited Homeopath and Physiotherapist currently training as Nutritionist.

Sofia is a computer virtuoso, extremely logic with an acute sense of aesthetic. A lover of travelling, cultures and refined cuisine (regardless all allergies) a fluent korean speaker and an amazing music composer. She has many business skills and mental stamina.

Familydeli HQ

Familydeli, 40 Lawn Avenue, Peterborough, UK PE1 3RB

Customer Service Office Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9:30 AM - 2 PM
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED