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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that you may need answers to or just want some extra info about us, FAMILYDELi.


I never saw an online shop like FAMILYDELi.

That is because we are the first and only online service in UK that provides an interesting variety of proper food for who suffer from conditions like allergies and diabetes with clear information and better prices.

We truly wanted to create a reliable source of information and foods that truly suit our customers. 

We understand that there is always room for improvement and that is what we strive to do on a regular basis. We appreciate comments or feedback.


Who’s behind FAMILYDELi?

It's a duo effort, Annamaria & Sofia (a very close mother and daughter having the same vision).

We strongly believe that it's the right of anyone to have better food choice regardless of suffering conditions like allergies or diabetes; also variety is essential as it gives better nutrients for a healthier life and a better eating experience.

Annamaria studied Medicine, is an accredited Homeopath and a Nutritionist in training. Sofia, a strong business-minded young woman, loves fine cuisine, cooking korean dishes, loves different cultures and dreams to live in a foreign land surrounded by like-minded people.


How do I order food in line with my dietary needs?

We grouped main allergies into collections (GF, dairy free, egg free etc..)

Simply click onto "Shop by Allergy" for a display of each dietary needs/lifestyle including Diabetic food. Much easier & quicker for you to shop.


How do I know this food is in line with my allergies?

We work tirelessly with brands so to have every kind of information possible for each and every products (not just ingredients list but also eventual cross contamination, nutritional values and dietary suitability (for instance; some brands create food for diabetics, but may contain substances not 100% suitable for this condition).


What do you do when you find products not up to their claim?

When we find products that are not in line with the Brand’s claim, we call them and let them know. Also, we refuse to stock their products unless they put the ingredients right in line with the niche.


Have you ever had this kind of experience with a brand?

Absolutely yes! There are many products out there with serious errors that should indeed be rectified for the sake of the customer's right of information & health!

Brands may not notice because no-one has ever pointed it out to them, but when we do, they usually thank us and rectify.


What do FAMILYDELi do for the environment?

We are fully aware of the environmental issues and we want to do our part!

We decided to collaborate only with brands that are conscious about keeping the environment clean by providing 100% recyclable packaging. Any brands that desire to work with us will have to adapt quickly to our ethos.

So far, we have over 600 products that are 100% recyclable, and the number is growing.


How is your Delivery?

We charge £3.65 for 48H Tracked Delivery or £5.49 for a reliable 24H Tracked Delivery.

All parcels are sent via Royal Mail and delivered all over the UK and N.I. Once the order has been dispatched, we will let you know via email.


What else do you offer at FAMILYDELi?

We welcome anyone in need of advice or extra information about products/food [via chat box]. We have an accredited NLP Practitioner, Metamorphic Practitioner, Homeopath and Nutritionist trainee. This service is FREE.

Familydeli HQ

Familydeli, 40 Lawn Avenue, Peterborough, UK PE1 3RB

Customer Service Office Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9:30 AM - 2 PM
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED