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Pearl Couscous, Artisan Grains (250g)

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Sam Jacobi, a food enthusiast, created Artisan Grains almost 20 years ago after left frustrated by the lack of choice of interesting, tasty grains on the market and the lack of information available on the packaging.

Pearl couscous also called israeli couscous or more commonly big couscous, large couscous or whole wheat pearl couscous and even jerusalem couscous still refer to the same kind of couscous made literally pasta balls.

This speciality gourmet food by Artisan Grains is made by one of the british leading artisans. One dry cup will become up to 3 times bigger, once cooked. Perfect for  israeli-style salads. All natural, no nasties in here. Suitable for both vegans & vegetarians. No added salt.

Based in Yate, Bristol.

  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

  • Dairy Free

  • Quick and easy - takes only 12 minutes

  • Delicate flavour

  • All natural - no additives or preservatives


100% Durum WHEAT (Gluten from Wheat)

For allergens, see ingredients in BOLD | Contains wheat


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