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Really Rosemary Jelly, Briscoe's Artisan Jellies (130g)


Founded by the hard working couple Paula & Jon Briscoe from York. After meeting at University in 1993, they formed an incredible bond in both life & business.

After opening successfully not one but 3 pubs/restaurants, they decided to go all in and create their first line of jellies which we love!

Briscoe’s Artisan jellies are completely different from those which are commercially produced. Traditional jelly making delivers a clearly unique result beautiful in both presentation and taste.

The time-honoured traditional techniques used create a soft and clear set product with a unique ability to preserve flavour, lending itself to many more uses than most people would ever believe.

Spread on toast,any bread & bagels, on rice cakes, for sandwiches and alike, dip, mix, combine with cheeses, gravies and anything you can think of!

Add them as a last ingredient as healthy glaze for chicken, salmon, vegetables and even donuts! 

    • Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
    • Nut & Peanut FREE
    • Naturally Gluten Free
    • Satisfying Texture
    • Dairy Free
    • Egg Free


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