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Rosemary Thyme & Lemon Bread Dipper, Charlie & Ivy's (200ml)

Charlie & Ivy ( Palmer ) are a sweet couple living and working in the heart of yorkshire. They started together their company in 2014 with a genuine desire to please people palate. All their products are made by them, in their own farm, Yorkshire Wolds.

We had the chance to get to know them and they are exactly as they present themselves on their website and instagram account. Genuine and sweet! 

The rosemary thyme and lemon bread dipper  oil is wildly delicious with hint of herbs and a touch of lemon scent. Use it on pita, naan, garlic bread or any rustic bread at all, including your own hand made pizzas. This is a treat for the entire family!

Full of originality and pleasant flavours, you won't be disappointed.
        • Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
        • Nut & Peanut FREE
        • Suitable for Diabetics
        • Naturally Gluten Free
        • Dairy Free
        • Egg Free
        • 100% GM FREE


        Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Oil


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