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Garlic Infused Sea Salt, Dorset Sea Salt Co. (125g)

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Great garlic salt that will be appreciated by the entire family for adding a hint of flavour. This flavoured salt won the great taste award, dazzling the jury with this flavoured rock salt!

Infused sea salt is becoming more wanted in the last few years, and not by chance, since the favoured sea salt by Dorset Sea Salt Co. is one of the leading companies who create time and time again a high quality herb infused salt! Have FAMILYDELi deliver this for you in a few hours! 

So, if you are looking for finishing salt or how to add more flavour in your dishes, trust experience and add some flavor salt to your dish and enjoy! Always gluten free!

  • Won Great Taste 2019
  • Made in UK
  • Hand harvested

Nutritional Info

  • Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
  • Nut & Peanut Free
  • Suitable for Diabetics
  • Egg Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

- - -

Typical Values Per 100G

Energy - 322kJ / 76kCal

Fat - 0g

(of which) Saturates - 0g

Carbohydrate - 11g

(of which) Sugars - 1.1g

Protein - 6g

Salt - 78.6g


(80%) Dorset Sea Salt, (20%) Ground Dried Garlic

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This garlic salt can be used instead of plain salt.

It works well as a seasoning for French, Italian and Asian style dishes. It makes a delicious rub or marinade for meat, fish or vegetables. Use this salt to season lamb, chicken, potatoes (prior to roasting), add to breadcrumb coatings, stir into couscous and grains, sprinkle on cooked vegetables, pasta and even salads!



Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.


Recycling Info:

Jar - Glass, widely recycled.


About the Brand

Dorset Sea Salt Co. is made in small batches and is a mix between craftsmanship, locality and quality. The owner, Jethro, after reading about the historic and cultural relevance of salt production in Dorset, wanted to bring back what was once a flourishing industry, with a modern twist.

His experiments led him to create more exciting infusions. His aim is to preserve the traditional methods while making sure it is ethical and ecological.

29 Mereside
Portland, England

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